Hundreds of customers rely on SecurityScorecard for critical security decisions

“When you think about security tools, they prevent or detect. SecurityScorecard is not either one of those. It provides an information vector that most people haven’t thought about. [It’s] an informational source that gives you a risk score or profile of the company you’re giving the information to. It’s a different type of security tool, not preventative or detective, but an informational tool that allows you to understand your risk. I think of SecurityScorcard as a tool that better quanitifies risk.”

Mark Grimsbe VP of IT

Case Studies

“In SecurityScorecard, I found the only cloud-based service that gave me a quick, yet detailed look at all risks, not merely malware or botnet infections. It lets me continually take the pulse of the security posture of our partners and vendors.”

Chris Moskowitz CTO

How Center for Diagnostic Imaging Works With SecurityScorecard


What Our Customers Have to Say

“Being able to launch a browser, access SecurityScoreboard and since in a matter of moments know the exact condition of a vendor, a potential one, or Harry’s own system is both revolutionary and immensely satisfying.”

Daniel Schwartz

“The first thing I do when I learn that a new vendor needs to be on-boarded is check their score in the SecurityScoreboard platform.”

Mike Belloise
“SecurityScorecard allows Liquidnet to perform the type and depth of third-party vendor security assessments expected by our customers and regulators – without breaking our budget.”
Al Berg

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