How healthcare organizations secure their supply chain and eliminate cyber threats

Safeguard your healthcare business and protect patient health information from supply chain cyber attacks. Proactively work with third parties and vendors to identify and remediate potential cyber threats before they impact the patient experience.

Healthcare organizations reduce risk and minimize breaches with SecurityScorecard

Threat actors frequently target healthcare organizations as they hold sensitive patient information and are critical to providing medical services and maintaining public health for our communities. By leveraging SecurityScorecard, healthcare companies gain the insights and context needed to prevent the leakage of patient data and minimize downtime associated with cyber attacks in their attack surface or with third parties.

  • Safeguard your healthcare network

    Understand the impact of specific risk issues on your security rating and prioritize mitigation strategies to enhance your cybersecurity posture. With SecurityScorecard, gain access to tailored remediation plans and navigate the steps in achieving your security objectives.

  • Identify threats in your third-party ecosystem

    Uncover the riskiest third parties in your supply chain. Trusted by over 3,000 customers, SecurityScorecard helps identify and resolve cybersecurity issues across a company’s supply chain.

  • Uncover cyber risks across your healthcare supply chain

    Discover your third-party supply chain and identify the risks of your fourth-party network and beyond. Quickly see if your organization is connected to high-risk suppliers and discover previously unknown vendors. 

  • Empower your security response

    Streamline your response to emerging vulnerabilities and eliminate time-consuming, manual research. Accelerate decision-making and enable swift actions to bolster your systems against vulnerabilities and stay a step ahead of potential threats.

Hear from our customers

  • “SecurityScorecard delivers verifiable data that is far more relevant and reliable than the information we receive via subjective questionnaires.”

    IT Director Greenville Health System
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  • “The magic here is that this is really a tool that helps to identify a risk that we might not be aware of. Plus, this tool is really allowing us to drill the point where I can tell you which machine is causing a lower patching score.”

    Paul Hypki Chief Information Security Officer, Children's Hospital of Minnesota
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  • “SecurityScorecard gives me the range of flexibility where I can share reports with leadership that are easily digestible, and then share those same reports with my technical counterparts on the vendor side to provide specific issues to address.”

    Risk Compliance Specialist Healthcare Provider
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