Case Study September 21, 2023

Private Equity Firm


When I’m evaluating cybersecurity services, partners, I’m really focused on the partner aspect of it. I’m looking for somebody that is going to be an extension of the team, a partner that can deliver a wide range of services. And then I’m also looking for a partner that is thinking about the relationship for the long term. Hello.

My name is Christopher Smedberg. I’m a security leader for a private equity firm, heard about SecurityScorecard long time ago as a technology company, but I was looking for a security services partner, specifically that I could, you know, call on night or day to do all different types incident response. And from the initial relationship, much more focused on the DFIR space that grew into also consuming proactive services from the lifers and now security scorecard team. It’d be hard not to mention.

There are relationship with Larry Slusser, who’s the head of service delivery.

I don’t think he ever takes a break for a vacation. He always seems to answer call, whether it’s to bounce some ideas off of them and act as, like, a sounding board.

One of the most interesting pieces of work we’ve done with security scorecard would be a multi level tabletop exercise.

By multi level, we mean one that was opted for the executive team, as well as one that was done for the technical team. And this was kind of a high risk project for us. And security scorecard really delivered on this.

We’re able to deliver both the technical and the executive tabletop with the same team, which led to a level of consistency and even allowed outputs or conversations decisions that were during the technical exercise to get filtered up into the executive one, just like it would happen in a real exercise.

So outside of the services aspect of SecurityScorecard, we also recently became a consumer of the technology.

My team really liked to use the SecurityScorecard tool to monitor our internal portfolio of companies.

SecurityScorecard is kinda like that early warning SIS them for us that can show us where things are starting to go bad or, you know, where my team should go focus our efforts.

The partnership with security scorecard has really improved our cyber posture, could not be happier with them being, you know, go to cybersecurity partner and the relationship we’ve built.