Secure your supply chain

Reduce third-party incidents by 75% and transform how your team identifies, monitors, mitigates, and reports on risk.

Product Lines

  • Experience industry-leading solutions from one powerful platform

    Uncover supply chain threats before they impact your business. Monitor risk, collaborate with vendors, and report on extended supply chain cyber risk.

  • Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

    • Be alerted in real time when new issues are found 
    • Shorten the questionnaire process by 83% with AI
    • Gain a complete view of risk with continuous monitoring
    • Stay compliant with regulations with evidence-based intelligence
  • Automatic Vendor Detection

    • Detect hidden risks and identify unknown vendors 
    • Leverage AI analytics to identify risky 4th parties 
    • Collaborate and remediate with vendors in one platform
  • Supply Chain Risk Intelligence

    • Leverage full-context-data on malware, breaches, and other cyber incidents 
    • Share actionable findings with vendors to prioritize vulnerabilities
    • Leverage security ratings, CVSS scores, CISA KEVs, and more
    • Stay compliant and avoid penalties with evidence-based intelligence
  • Security Questionnaires

    • Quickly determine the need for further assessment by viewing an organization’s rating 
    • Leverage AI to facilitate faster, more precise, and secure interactions with vendors
    • Reduce the back-and-forth and simplify the questionnaire exchange process
  • Attack Surface Intelligence

    • Monitor threats in real-time with frequently refreshed data 
    • See what a hacker sees across your digital attack surface
    • Detect new vulnerabilities faster with AI-driven alerts 
    • Quickly access relevant information through search filters
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

    • Reduce vulnerability scanners across multiple sources
    • Assess vulnerability risk with Product Risk Scores and prioritize in one platform 
    • Receive advanced warnings into relevant, emerging CVEs before they impact your systems
    • Streamline operations by directly integrating SecurityScorecard into your SIEM, SOAR, or TIP
  • Cyber Risk Quantification

    • Forecast expected losses with attack path modeling frameworks 
    • Communicate cyber risk in a language that resonates with stakeholders
    • Reduce loss by monitoring your overall security rating and factor scores
    • Direct cybersecurity investments toward potentially damaging scenarios
  • External Attack Surface Management

    • Identify critical vulnerabilities faster with AI analytics 
    • Take action on security issues across your attack surface 
    • Prevent zero-day exploits and proactively detect cyber risk
    • Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as SEC, DORA, and others

Take supply chain cyber risk management to the MAX

MAX is a comprehensive managed service that proactively identifies critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues throughout your entire supply chain. Once identified, MAX collaborates closely with your team and vendors to promptly address and resolve these vulnerabilities, fortifying your supply chain defenses against potential compromises.

When it comes to supply chain cyber risk, MAX has your back.

Explore MAX

Critical capabilities

Proactively manage supply chain cyber risks, anticipate and adapt to evolving threats, and maintain a resilient security posture with SecurityScorecard.

  • Security Ratings

    Gain an outside-in view of your security posture, so you can take preventative action

  • Security Data

    Cybercriminals don’t stand a chance against the largest proprietary risk & threat intelligence dataset on the planet


    Turns billion of events observed from across the internet into actionable insights

  • Trust & Collaboration

    See the data that goes into your scores, and discover the methodology behind it

  • Marketplace

    SecurityScorecard integrates with more technology vendors than any other cybersecurity ratings company

  • Board & Executive Reporting

    Simple, easy-to-understand board and executive reports keep everyone aware of your efforts and progress

Hear from our customers

  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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  • “Security ratings give you a dynamic point in time view of cybersecurity posture.”

    Nimisha Aneja Senior, Underwriter, RSUI
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  • “We’re extremely impressed with SecurityScorecard’s capabilities and our case wouldn’t be where it is today without CRI and the STRIKE team.”

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