See what a hacker sees across your digital attack surface

Protect against threats as they arise with billions of curated real-time data points captured from around the world. Consolidate your external cyber defenses into a single, integrated platform.

Gain confidence in stopping cyber attacks with threat intelligence engineered for you

Mountains of information, sourced from disparate systems and riddled with inaccuracies, bombard SOC and TI teams, obscuring real threats. Sifting through the noise is a major task, demanding time, expertise, and an almost superhuman ability to find the needle in the haystack. SecurityScorecard’s Attack Surface Intelligence helps threat hunters prevent future disruptions with unrivaled, up-to-date, and precision-built global threat data from the clear and dark web in a single, consolidated platform.


Go outside the wire

  • Become the hunter, not the hunted: Actively hunt and eliminate global threats with comprehensive IP scanning, domain attribution, and extensive CVE, threat actor, and malware tracking. All in one flexible search for unparalleled security.
  • Transform your SOC: Move beyond static alerts, leverage advanced analytics to uncover true intent, and prioritize escalations for effective and timely remediation.
    Leverage the power of SecurityScorecard’s AI and automation to constantly identify new vulnerabilities and associations so you are never caught off guard.
  • Navigate the clear and dark web with confidence: Illuminate murky corners of the internet and attribute attacks with context-rich threat intelligence collected and curated by threat hunters saving you hours from dissecting the noise and analyzing the patterns to make decisive decisions.

Critical Capabilities

  • Detect infected systems or networks

    SecurityScorecard’s massive global sinkhole network provides information about infections from more than 150 malware families

  • Identify malicious infrastructure

    SecurityScorecard’s malware attribution system digests and analyzes thousands of malware samples and indicators of compromise (IOCs) each day

  • Rapid refresh of massive global dataset

    3.9 billion routable IP addresses scanned every 7 days across more than 1500 ports globally form the basis for the platform’s search index

  • Actionable insights that prevent breaches

    Identify threat actors that are likely to impact your business. Take strategic and tactical actions to minimize exploitability across your attack surface

Hear from our customers

  • “SecurityScorecard’s threat intelligence showed more reliable attribution correlations than any other provider.”

    Global Service and Technology Company Cybersecurity Analyst
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