Unleash the power of SecurityScorecard's world-class proprietary Security Data

With SecurityScorecard's extensive security data in the palm of your hand, cybercriminals don't stand a chance. With more than ten years of historical data and the largest proprietary risk & threat intelligence dataset on the planet, only SecurityScorecard has the telemetry you need to protect all of your surfaces.

Global proprietary data collection capabilities

SecurityScorecard non-intrusively scans the entire IPv4 web space, more than 3.9 billion routable IP addresses, every 10 days across more than 1,500 ports. This massive data collection effort delivers unmatched depth and breadth of visibility across 11 million rated companies currently on the platform.


World-class security data to protect your surfaces

  • 7B+ leaked credential/PII databases in-house from across dark web and forums
  • Less than .0035% refute rate of our findings, published in realtime
  • 10 Years of crowdsourcing and historical data
  • Sinkhole networks collects 2B+ malware requests per day — one of the world’s largest malware DNS sinkhole
  • Top 20M websites crawled every week using full browsers imitating real users
  • 100+ risk categories and over 75 million records

Critical capabilities

  • Real-time dark and clear web data collection

    Stay ahead with immediate access to real-time data from both the dark and clear web

  • Global scanning and robust intelligence collection

    Harness the strength of global scanning capabilities and comprehensive intelligence collection

  • Curated by world-class cyber intelligence experts

    Benefit from insights curated by world-class cyber intelligence experts, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and relevance

  • AI and large language model powered intelligence

    Leverage the power of AI and LLMs for scalable intelligence, enabling effective handling of vast datasets and complex scenarios

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