Board & Executive Reporting that delivers strategic insights for informed decision-making

Concise and strategic insights into an any company's cybersecurity posture, enables informed decision-making at the executive and board level. With clear visualizations and analytics, boards gain a comprehensive understanding of cyber risks, facilitating effective oversight and governance.

Be a hero to your Board and C-Suite

Navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity, compounded by the relentless sophistication of threat actors and regulatory mandates, can be daunting. SecurityScorecard simplifies this challenge, enabling you to effortlessly communicate progress, highlight successes, and benchmark performance — all while ensuring compliance with legal and fiduciary obligations, making cybersecurity management a strategic advantage for your company.

Board & Executive Reporting Capabilities

A quick, easy to understand summary for your board

Track your performance and the performance of your peers over time

See how well your portfolio is performing

Benchmark your performance to peer companies

Critical capabilities

SecurityScorecard's executive and board reporting capabilities provide concise yet comprehensive insights into an organization's cybersecurity posture. With clear visualizations and actionable intelligence, these reports empower leadership to make informed decisions, facilitating effective oversight and governance.

  • Drag and drop simplicity

    Effortlessly customizable with an easy drag-and-drop interface that ensures user-friendly and intuitive outputs

  • Comprehensive insights

    Detailed and holistic insights into the organization’s cybersecurity posture, enhancing the board’s understanding

  • Actionable intelligence

    Actionable intelligence, enabling the executive team to make informed decisions for effective oversight and strategic planning

  • Real-time visualization

    Real-time visualizations allow executives to stay updated on cybersecurity performance and respond to emerging threats

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  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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