HEID AI turns billions of events observed from across the internet into actionable insights

Leveraging dynamic machine learning algorithms, Highly Evolved Intelligent Defense (HEID) AI sorts through massive amounts of data to compute cyber risk based on real-world threats and vulnerabilities

AI-driven cyber defenses give you the edge over adversaries

HEID AI continuously monitors, analyzes, and identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities across the internet and surfaces. It distills this information for security professionals into a security rating and details findings. It provides real-time insights, automates threat detection, and assists in proactive risk mitigation, ultimately strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture.

AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities that allow you to protect all of your surfaces

  • Integrated OpenAI’s GPT system for faster natural language search
  • HEID AI empowers cybersecurity practitioners with faster threat response, gaining a strategic advantage over adversaries
  • Automated task efficiency provided by HEID AI enables practitioners to outpace adversaries in managing cybersecurity operations
  • Real-time insights from HEID AI afford practitioners a proactive edge in countering evolving threats more effectively than adversaries
  • HEID AI outputs support informed decision-making, allowing practitioners to strategically outsmart adversaries
  • The adaptability of HEID AI enables practitioners to stay ahead, adjusting defense strategies faster than adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities

Critical capabilities

  • Machine learning

    HEID AI leverages machine learning algorithms to continually enhance its capabilities through pattern recognition and adaptation

  • Continuous training

    HEID AI undergoes continuous training, allowing it to evolve and adapt to new and emerging cybersecurity threats

  • Data analysis

    HEID AI processes vast datasets to extract meaningful insights, contributing to nuanced threat assessments

  • Security ratings

    HEID AI distills data into easy-to-understand ‘A-F’ security ratings, so any human can make sense of their security posture

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