Case Study July 13, 2023



SecurityScorecard is trusted by industry. In my case, it’s the energy sector, a number of utilities use scorecard data. We all benchmark. And so it’s important to know that what one utility is using other utilities are doing, because it kinda solidifies data.

My name is Brian Harold. I’m the vice president chief security officer for Avangrid, a large utility out of the northeast. There’s a trust factor between my organization and Scorecard. I use them as a opportunity to tell a story to our board.

The data that SecurityScorecard provides us is incredibly important for that storytelling. So at least four times a year, I’m presenting this data to the board to tell a story about how we have reduced risk, how we have efficiently used to that investment for our cybersecurity mitigation measures, and so I’m able to use the data as data points to showcase risk reduction. Our day to day job easier now based off of the concern that we have with third party risk management. I can use security scorecard data to make a logical leap that this is in fact a secure vendor that allows us to save time and get to the conclusion that we need to.

As quick as we can. I know that when I call them, I’m getting somebody who’s able to speak to the issue, speak to the mitigation, speak to what we’re seeing in the larger community, not just how it impacts me, but how it impacts the entire energy sector. I’m not needing to provide a number of resource courses to do some of the investigative work. Score Guard has already done that for me.

I think it saves weeks of time spent on urging, vulnerabilities, or concerns that we have.