Enhancing cyber resilience through immersive, scenario-based Tabletop Exercises

Hands-on, scenario-based training, empowering organizations to enhance incident response capabilities and effectively manage cybersecurity threats

What's included

Hands-on training that enhances your preparedness

  • Develop realistic and tailored scenarios that simulate potential cyber threats and incidents
  • Facilitate team collaboration and communication, improving incident response coordination
  • Simulate real-world cyber incidents, allowing teams to practice and refine their response strategies
  • Identify and assess potential risks specific to your organization’s cybersecurity landscape
  • Provide opportunities for decision-making practice in a controlled environment, enhancing decision-makers’ skills
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity policies and procedures during simulated scenarios
  • Establish a foundation for continuous improvement by analyzing tabletop exercise outcomes and refining response plans
  • Tailor exercises to align with your organization’s unique business environment and potential threat landscape

  • SecurityScorecard’s tabletop exercise team consistently provides valuable guidance to companies aiming to optimize their security measures. They ensure the efficient establishment and enhancement of cybersecurity practices, fostering sustained resilience through proactive and targeted assessments in controlled scenarios.

    • The tabletop exercise team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse expertise in cybersecurity, bringing a wealth of experience to craft and execute effective training
    • The team holds industry-recognized certifications, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), showcasing their commitment to maintaining high standards and staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity developments


  • Realistic scenario assessment

    Evaluate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategies through realistic and tailored tabletop exercise scenarios

  • Enhanced incident response coordination

    Improve team collaboration and communication for more efficient incident response coordination during cyber threats

  • Risk identification and mitigation

    Identify and mitigate potential risks specific to your organization’s cybersecurity landscape through hands-on tabletop exercises

  • Decision-making practice

    Hone decision-makers’ skills by providing opportunities for practice in a controlled environment, ensuring effective responses to cyber incidents

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  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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