When an incident occurs, rely on DFIR to investigate and help restore business operations

Available on demand or through a retainer, Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) helps you contain, remediate, and investigate breaches as well as provide post-breach litigation support

What's included

The support you need when incidents occur

Incident response

  • Ransomware investigations
  • Web application compromises
  • Malware analysis
  • Cloud breach responses
  • Business email compromises
  • Court-admissible evidence collection

Digital Forensics

  • Digital forensics investigations
  • Memory forensics
  • Insider threat and intellectual property theft
  • Expert witness & litigation support
  • Network forensics
  • Mobile forensics
  • Structured data investigations
  • eDiscovery

  • Our team of experts

    SecurityScorecard’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response team is a specialized unit focused on investigating and mitigating cybersecurity incidents. The DFIR team consistently delivers actionable and effective results in investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents to help companies get back to business quickly.

    • Experts in forensics, malware analysis, and incident response, the team works diligently to identify and neutralize security threats
    • Leveraging extensive knowledge and advanced tools, our DFIR professionals play a crucial role in minimizing the impact of cyber incidents on organizations


  • Swift incident response

    Quick and efficient responses to cybersecurity incidents, minimizing potential damages

  • Thorough forensic analysis

    In-depth forensic analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the incident for effective resolution

  • Improved cyber resilience

    Be prepared for the next attack by enhancing your overall cyber resilience and readiness

  • Strategic threat mitigation

    Mitigate threats and strengthen your cybersecurity posture to prevent future breaches

Hear from our customers

  • “SecurityScorecard has allowed me and my team to automate and scale many of the functions of our vendor risk management program as well as continuously monitor their internal and third-party security posture.”

    Virgin Pulse Chief Information Security Officer
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