Mitigate future threats and safeguard your digital assets

Leverage SecurityScorecard's comprehensive threat and risk intelligence feeds to power your SOC and threat intelligence teams. Gain the upper hand with one of the most comprehensive proprietary datasets on the planet.

Harness the power of SecurityScorecard’s intelligence capabilities

Adversaries are constantly evolving their TTPs. This enables them to bypass existing defenses and target new vulnerabilities, making it difficult for security teams to stay ahead of the game. Designed to be piped directly into your SIEM, SOAR, TIP, or other API-enabled cybersecurity solution, SecurityScorecard’s Intelligence Feeds provide real-time context-rich raw data that helps your security and threat intelligence teams reduce risk and bolster your cyber defense capabilities.


Real time Intelligence delivers actionable insights

  • Improve Visibility: See the latest cyber threats including tactics, techniques, and procedures to build stronger defenses.
  • Reduce Risk: Early warning signs help act quickly to mitigate threats.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Respond more quickly and effectively to identify the source of an attack and contain the damage.

Critical Capabilities

  • Know what threat actors are up to

    Leverage intelligence gathered from over 200 sources across the dark web and keep a close eye on critical assets

  • Identify malware and malicious infrastructure

    Leverage SecurityScorecard’s massive sinkhole network to identify which systems are impacted by malware and who is connecting to bad guy infrastructure

  • Consolidate and enrich your threat hunting capabilities

    SecurityScorecard’s Intelligence Feeds enriches your current TI capabilities and allows you to consolidate vendors

  • The power of AI-driven reconnaissance

    Powered by HEID AI, SecurityScorecard’s data collection capabilities delivers the intelligence you need to get the job done

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