Case Study August 21, 2023




Hi. My name is Migna Cody, the Chief Security Officer with NetApp. I chose SecurityScorecard for NetApp and also several of the other companies I’ve worked with, because I wanted to see what the hacker sees about our company before they see it. And also, I want to know how our third parties look. So I want to know what my score is because that will then let me know we’re to hone in on how to protect the with. So look for any open ports, anything that’s open that would be an easy way to actually impact our environment.

I have a trusted relationship with SecurityScorecard because the team has worked closely with me to help evolve the product to suit the needs I have better. I trust the accuracy of the SecurityScorecard data because I can reach out to the team at SecurityScorecard, and they will help me understand how that data is reported. And through that analysis, verified that the data is accurate. How has SecurityScorecard made my team’s job easier? If they have a first line perspective of what are the key risks that they need to focus on when securing and hardening an environment. So if I was talking to other people, the differentiator with SecurityScorecard is the ability to know how you look also the evolution of growing the product and knowing that it’s going to expand as the threats change.