ISAC Partner Program

SecurityScorecard is proud to support industry Information Sharing and Analysis Centers through our ISAC Partner Program, furthering our mission to make the world a safer place by supporting the industries that enable our daily lives. SecurityScorecard’s ISAC Partner Program, established in 2020, aims to support ISAC members and the collective supply chains they form with respect to understanding and securing their own environments, the suppliers and vendors they rely on to run their businesses, and the collective supply chains they form.

The SecurityScorecard Program

In addition to the below, all members enjoy access to a discounted price book if they were to choose to expand beyond the complimentary license provided

  • Complimentary Enterprise License

    Provides all ISAC members with a complimentary Enterprise License of our Security Ratings Platform that they can leverage to monitor themselves and up to five vendors, suppliers or competitors

  • Monitor Members

    Equips the ISAC itself with a license that it can leverage to monitor its members and an unlimited number of vendors, suppliers or competitors

  • Thought Leadership

    Provides members with insights, best practices and thought-leadership as it relates to the use-cases SecurityScorecard supports (VRM, Compliance, Board Reporting, Benchmarking, Self-Monitoring)

ISAC Offers

To take advantage of the ISAC offer, please contact us via the page that maps to your respective ISAC.

Member of an ISAC that is not on the list?

Feel free to contact [email protected]
We look forward to partnering with you and welcoming you into our community!

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