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SecurityScorecard is the only security ratings company that publishes live metrics on response time, refute rate, IP, and domain misattribution rates.

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Refutes and accuracy

Any organization — at no cost — can always access and improve their security rating

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  • Refute response time

    SecurityScorecard responds to refute requests within 48 hours.

  • Findings refute rate

    SecurityScorecard’s False Positive Rate is under 1%.


Industry-leading breach prediction.

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Our mission

We make the world a safer place by transforming the way the world measures and manages cybersecurity risk across the entire digital ecosystem.

Data Transparency

We own 99% of our data in-house to deliver unparalleled accuracy and speed. Companies with an F rating are 13.8x more likely to get breached.

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  • Data Sources

    • IP addresses
    • Exposed port mappings
    • Fingerprints of services, products, libraries, operating systems, devices, and other internet-exposed resources, including version numbers
    • Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) IDs
    • Common Vulnerability Enumeration (CVE) Version 2 IDs
    • Script output from Nmap, the open-source scanner that is one of the components of our own scanning framework
  • Scanning

    We collect and own 99% of our own data.

    • 4.1B IPs
    • 1,400 ports globally
    • Honeypots globally
    • 12M companies monitored
    • 100B vulnerabilities weekly
  • Signals

    We monitor signals using a network of sensors spanning three continents.

    • World’s largest network of sinkholes and honeypots
    • Enriched with commercial and open-source intelligence

disrupts ratings by turning
insights into action.

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About our data

  • How we collect data

    We have our own attribution and threat intelligence teams, who source almost all of the data we use (99%).

    All of the data we use is ethically and lawfully obtained. We only collect data on entities, not on people.

  • How we score our findings

    SecurityScorecard developed its breach prediction algorithm by using LLMs to analyze the root cause of 15,000 historical breaches.

  • How we validate our findings

    We use multiple mechanisms to check our data quality:

    • We monitor corrections from our users, which we aim to keep below thresholds.
    • We look for patterns in corrections to deal with any underlying issues.
    • We spot check attribution and findings data.

    Any company can validate our findings, IP, and domain attributions to ensure their digital footprint is accurate.

  • Scoring and attribution changes

    SecurityScorecard is committed to providing advanced notice of scoring enhancements. Before changes are released, they must go through a Change Committee board and undergo impact assessments.

Our Principles

SecurityScorecard fosters cybersecurity trust and transparency. We continuously rate more than 12 million entities worldwide by empowering organizations to contribute and verify their security ratings for free.

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Collaboration: Our path to a safer world

Trust and transparency are built into all of our products and services from the moment an organization registers for a free account. SecurityScorecard believes cybersecurity is a collective responsibility, and everyone should have a voice in ensuring the accuracy of security ratings.

  • How we score

    SecurityScorecard is the only company to provide complete transparency into our scoring methodology

  • Accuracy & attribution

    A team of independent experts from Online Business Systems validated our methodology

  • Market validation

    Marsh McLennan examined cybersecurity ratings’ correlation with reduced cyber insurance risk

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