SecurityScorecard's trusted and proven security ratings are used by 70,000 companies across the globe

Cybersecurity is complicated. Understanding cyber risk doesn't have to be. Our trusted and proven security ratings help countless cybersecurity professionals secure their supply chain and protect their surfaces.

What can a security rating do for you?

  • Assess the security posture of your own organization

    Empower your SOC with external telemetry to identify risks and benchmark security against peers

  • Protect your supply chain against cyber risks

    Mitigate third-party security risks using SecurityScorecard’s A-F rating system for instant insights into supply chain cyber risk

  • Find previously unknown risks in your extended supply chain

    Identify risks in your extended supply chain, including fourth and Nth parties, and pinpoint vulnerable entry points for attackers

  • Make better cyber insurance decisions

    Insureds enhance security for cost reduction. Insurers use SecurityScorecard data for pricing and insurability decisions.

Risk Factors

SecurityScorecard Ratings offer easy-to-read A-F ratings across ten risk factors

  • Network security

    Checks public datasets for evidence of high-risk or insecure open ports within the network

  • DNS health

    Measures an organization’s DNS settings, validating no malicious events in the network’s passive DNS history

  • Patching cadence

    Gauges an organization’s speed in installing security updates to measure vulnerability risk mitigation practices

  • Endpoint security

    Tracks identification points extracted from metadata, including OS, web browser, and active plugins

  • IP reputation

    Leverages SecurityScorecard sinkhole infrastructure, OSINT malware feeds, and third-party threat intelligence

  • Application security

    Utilizes threat intel on exploitable conditions from white hat CVE, black hat databases, and search engine findings

  • Cubit score

    Assesses security issues, checking public threat intel databases for flagged IP addresses and more

  • Hacker chatter

    Automates the collection and analysis of underground hacker chatter from multiple streams

  • Social Engineering

    Evaluates an organization’s potential susceptibility to a targeted social engineering or phishing attack

  • Information Leak

    Uses chatter and deep web monitoring to identify compromised credentials being circulated by hackers

Hear from our customers

  • “Because SecurityScorecard is a reputable, independent assessment source, Horizon Media can be more transparent with clients when it comes to reporting its cybersecurity rating.”

    Chief Information Security Officer, Horizon Media Richard Arenaro
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Expand your horizon

Explore how security ratings can help you identify cyber risk and take action to prevent breaches

  • Supply Chain Risk Intelligence

    Dig deeper into your attack surface to discover vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach

  • Automatic Vendor Detection

    Discover unknown 3rd and Nth party vendors to continuously monitor and collaborate on mitigating risk

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