Case Study April 4, 2023



Before working with SecurityScorecard, we had a bandage over our eyes. We couldn’t see. So then, when we started working with them, it’s like this bandage was removed.

My name is Alejandro Bustos Moreno I work as a senior information security administrator in the cyber and intelligence unit in United Nations International International Computing Center.

Currently, UNICC is providing IT services, permitting services, a perspective related services, cybersecurity services to more than seventy butter than stations. To meet the squad that made my day to day job easier, mainly because of automation.

Automation only in terms of dos and alerts created is making you love to be in front of your desktop, your laptop, just looking at the console, so when something comes up, you will receive an alert, and then basically you can just focus on some other things. In addition to make my easier, I would say that made my job more effective and less time wasting. Automation definitely saves time. Okay?

Like, seventy, seventy five percent of my time, regarding the work that they do with the platform. Technical solutions can be provided by several companies. However, what makes a difference is the people who is behind those technical solutions. Synchrony scorecard gave us that transparency honesty and that human approach instead of that sales approach.

It’s a trusted partnership, it’s a trust based relationship.

I would say that is at risk not using securities scorecard, there is confidentiality in credibility and about ability not only of the information that you are hosting, but hope you are managing, but also regarding the systems that are within your infrastructure.

I would recommend security scorecard to anybody. Regardless of the size of your organization, we can always be a target. I can say that was was a best decision.