Secure Your Supply Chain with a holistic view of risk in one platform

Reduce third-party incidents by 75% and transform how your team identifies, monitors, mitigates, and reports on risk.

  • Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

    Take command of your supply chain cyber risk with the industry’s most comprehensive risk intelligence, AI-powered analytics, and the world’s most trusted security ratings.

    • Identify risks against your business posed by third parties
    • Move fast to remediate critical issues
    • Continuous monitoring
  • Automatic Vendor Detection

    Detect unknown vendors across your entire supply chain. Identify Nth parties that pose cybersecurity risks to your suppliers. Collaborate with them to resolve critical issues.

    • Gain unmatched situational awareness
    • Stay ahead of attackers
    • Built-in efficiency, designed to scale
  • Supply Chain Risk Intelligence

    See and prioritize your riskiest vendors with a unified view of actionable threat intelligence designed for vendor risk managers to mitigate supply chain risk.

    • Unified view of real-time actionable threat intelligence
    • Reduce vendor-induced threat exposure
    • Increase the value of your TPRM program
  • Security Questionnaires

    Use automation and machine learning to validate vendor responses. Shorten the questionnaire process by as much as 83%.

    • Turn questionnaire data into action by integrating with the applications you already use
    • VRM teams can cross-reference “outside-in” risk scores with “inside-out” responses
    • Use automation which suggests responses based on previously submitted information
  • Attack Surface Intelligence

    Detect unknown vendors across your entire supply chain. Identify Nth parties that pose cybersecurity risks to your suppliers. Collaborate with them to resolve critical issues.

    • Capture a complete global view of cyber risk to uncover vulnerabilities
    • Perform threat research faster with unparalleled contextualized threat intelligence
    • Understand what a hacker sees across your attack surface
  • Vulnerability Intelligence

    Detect unknown vendors across your entire supply chain. Identify Nth parties that pose cybersecurity risks to your suppliers and collaborate with them to resolve critical issues.

    • Direct access to in-depth vulnerability insights
    • Communicate risk-mitigating vulnerability priorities
    • Proactive notifications help you identify critical CVEs
  • Cyber Risk Quantification

    Leverage attack path modeling frameworks to estimate expected losses from a data breach, ransomware, denial of service, and destructive malware incidents.

    • Translate cyber risks into financial impact
    • Determine the financial impact of cyber risk for any organization
    • Instantly assess any organization’s cyber risk through a financial lens
  • External Attack Surface Management

    Stay ahead of cyber threats by continuously monitoring your own attack surface for risks, benchmarking against industry peers, and integrating external cybersecurity capabilities with your SOC.

    • Identify cyber risks before you get hit with an exploit
    • Know how you stack up against the competition
    • Be a hero to your board

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  • Experience industry-leading solutions from one powerful platform

    Uncover supply chain threats before they impact your business. Monitor risk, collaborate with vendors, and report on extended supply chain cyber risk.


Take supply chain cyber risk management to the MAX

MAX is a comprehensive managed service that proactively identifies critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues throughout your entire supply chain. Once identified, MAX collaborates closely with your team and vendors to promptly address and resolve these vulnerabilities, fortifying your supply chain defenses against potential compromises.

When it comes to supply chain cyber risk, MAX has your back.

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MAX Managed Service: Expertise
to mitigate your supply chain cyber risk

  • • Leverage our team and certified partners
  • • Backed by our refined processes and mature technology
  • • Identify cyber risk across your third-parties
  • • Direct vendor engagement, communications and remediation support
  • • Zero-day and breach detection and response

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