Manage cyber risk based on financial impact

Understand the likelihood, frequency, and magnitude of risk and create action plans to reduce the risk exposure for your business.

Prioritize risk management decisions based on business impact

Cyber risk is not just a security issue, it’s a business issue. When security and the business leaders don’t see eye to eye, resources are misallocated, expectations aren’t met, or the business is left unprepared for the threats it faces. With SecurityScorecard, risk management professionals can quantify the financial impact of cyber risk to facilitate collaboration and communication with business stakeholders and achieve better outcomes.


Gain a Complete View

  • Limit your exposure: Direct cybersecurity investments toward the most likely or damaging loss scenarios; Reduce the potential for loss by monitoring and improving your overall security rating and factor scores.
  • Put dollars to work to generate ROI: Direct capital towards the security enhancements that are most closely aligned with business goals and financial outcomes.
  • Improve collaboration and communication: Simplify the way cyber risk is discussed and communicated with your peers and partners by translating often opaque technical risks into clear financial terms.

Critical Capabilities

  • Security posture informed

    Go beyond average analysis and gain actionable insights on your company’s unique risk profile

  • MITRE framework mapping

    Incorporate an assessment of defensive configurations against different threat actor strategies

  • Ready-to-go model

    Skip costly integrations or time consuming model calibration and instantly get analysis output

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