Eliminate risk in your supply chain in real-time

Take control of your vendor ecosystem with unrivaled security ratings and risk intelligence. Continuously monitor third-party risk, identify vulnerabilities, and work with vendors to remediate critical issues – all in one platform.

Instantly understand the cyber risk of any third-party

Ninety-eight percent of organizations are connected to at least one vendor that’s had a breach in the last two years. As the global attack surface continues to expand, security and vendor risk management teams need complete visibility into their entire supply chain. Automate your third-party risk management workflows, uncover hidden vulnerabilities, and collaborate with your partners to build a secure supply chain.

Reduce risk to your business

  • Identify risks against your business posed by third parties

    Your supply chain can put your business at risk. With SecurityScorecard, you gain a complete understanding of risk across your supply chain.

  • Move fast to remediate critical issues

    Risk identification helps you understand what might impact you. Risk remediation reduces the likelihood that an attacker can successfully breach your organization. SecurityScorecard gives you the tools you need to proactively remediate cyber risks in your supply chain.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Poor cybersecurity practices are often systemic in an organization. SecurityScorecard continuously monitors your third-parties to ensure that issues don’t reappear and alerts you when new issues are found.


Create a plan with vendors to improve their security posture

Uncover security breaches in your supply chain

See the external attack surface of your supply chain

See parent-subsidiary relationships and associations

Compliance and security documentation in one place

Critical capabilities

  • The world's most trusted security ratings

    Harness the power of the world most trusted and accurate security ratings to identify risk

  • Extensible platform designed to scale

    An all-in-one, modular platform enables you to scale as your TRPM program matures

  • AI and analytics that drive results

    Move beyond the hype and put your trust in SecurityScorecard’s decade of experience in AI and analytics

  • Industry leading threat & risk telemetry

    See more than you ever thought possible with the industry’s leading proprietary intelligence dataset

Hear from our customers

  • "It is an absolutely necessary investment to have cyber-resilient companies in your business ecosystem."

    Ronaldo Andrade CISO and Head of IT, Horiens Risk Advisors
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    • 83 %

      time reduction on self monitoring

    • Actionable Insights into supply chain risks

    • Streamlined approach to vendor assessments

  • "I can use SecurityScorecard data to make the logical leap that this is, in fact, a secure vendor. That allows us to save time and get to the conclusion we need to as quickly as we can."

    Brian Harrell VP and Chief Security Officer, Avangrid
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Take control of your third-party cyber risk management

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