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Governments cannot defend what they cannot see.

Continuously monitor the security posture of your agency, contractors, and regulated entities. Speed up auditing and vulnerability analysis capabilities to protect critical systems with a collaborative and risk-based approach to regulatory oversight.

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“Tools and services such as [security ratings], if in wider use, could better inform industry of certain vulnerabilities to act upon and decrease gaps in cybersecurity. The SecurityScorecard report does include several of the security measures required by the pipeline security directive. As such,TSA’s security directives and the implementation of required measures could be validated by the SecurityScorecard or similar tools to readily identify potential security gaps.”

David Pekoske - 9/29/2021
Transportation Security Agency, Administrator

"The emergence of security ratings has driven cyber risk quantification as a way to calculate and measure cyber risk exposure. These security ratings provide a starting point for companies’ cybersecurity capabilities and help elevate cyber risk to board decision making. Entities can also use security ratings alongside strategic risk metrics to align cyber scenarios with material business exposure; rollup cyber risks with financial exposure to inform risk management decisions; and measure improvement of cyber risk reduction over time. This kind of work needs to happen in the boardroom and also amongst national security leaders."

Bob Kolasky - 11/01/2021
Assistant Director for the National Risk Management Center
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