Gain real-time visibility of agency and contractor security posture.

Ensure consistent compliance with evolving regulations.

Continuously monitor the ecosystem, discover threats, and harden agency infrastructure.

Government agencies continue to struggle with following security best practices, mounting effective defenses, and maintaining consistent cyberhealth. Constrained budgets limit the ability to effectively integrate vulnerable legacy infrastructure with often misconfigured emerging technologies. Hackers continue to take notice of weaknesses in the government ecosystem and remain poised to attack. At the same time, regulatory compliance pressure is on the rise, and agencies are mandated to implement and document effective vendor risk management programs.

SecurityScorecard Government Solutions

Grade A Cybersecurity Rating

Security Ratings

We start with a score and then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem. Truly actionable, we provide the capability to look at correlated security flaws amongst a group of companies, or portfolio, plus individual company scores to determine which vulnerabilities to focus on first. Our security ratings are recognized as the industry standard and are relied upon by the most trusted brands in the world.

Vendor Risk Management

Instantly discover the security posture of any contractor or vendor in the agency ecosystem. Continuously identify, monitor, and manage vendor risk with SecurityScorecard’s integrated workflows. Gain an accurate view of risk, whether that risk is posed by one poor performing vendor or by a correlated risk across a group of companies.

Cybersecurity Self Assessment Capabilities

Self Assessment

Discover, monitor, and report on the cyberhealth of your IT infrastructure from the outside in – see what a hacker sees. Evaluate your agency’s risk with SecurityScorecard’s proprietary data collection and analytics capabilities. Our security ratings display your performance across 10 risk factors and allow you to drill down into specific issues and findings based on millions of data points.


Automate compliance with SecurityScorecard. Our platform maps directly to all current security standards and regulations including PCI, NIST, ISO, SIG, HIPAA, GDPR, and many others. Document rigorous vendor risk management practices. Use the platform to capture, report, and remediate partner and contractor security vulnerabilities. Minimize the risk of findings and penalties against your agency.

Threat Reconnaissance

Rely on the most accurate security ratings and detailed threat intelligence available. Identify government assets at risk, and proactively eliminate vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them. SecurityScorecard’s best-of-breed data collection and precise attribution capabilities reveal malicious activity in your IT infrastructure as well as vendor environments. Proactively address cybersecurity to prevent damaging data and financial losses.

Seize control of risk and improve government cyberhealth.

Our 2018 U.S., State, and Federal Government Cybersecurity Report

Our analysts found that government agencies are the third lowest performing industry when compared to the cybersecurity of 17 other major industries.

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