Ensure uninterrupted learning

SecurityScorecard offers a StateRAMP Pending solution for managing dynamic cyber risks, evaluating the effectiveness of cybersecurity investments, and building public trust with transparent cybersecurity metrics.

Solution Focused

Addressing an educational system’s cybersecurity challenges

Challenge: Fragmented security practices

Multiple institutions result in duplicate security efforts and inconsistent performance

Solution: Common security standard

Shared platform for measuring cyber risk, driving remediation, and engaging with partners

Challenge: Justifying cyber investments

Spending that isn’t directly going to student learning is deprioritized

Solution: Risk scoring and quantification

Metrics for benchmarking against other institutions and describing security ROI

Challenge: Expanded digital footprints

Collaborative learning environments propagate access to networks and sharing of sensitive data

Solution: Continuous monitoring

Real-time risk profile data of internal education assets and external partners and suppliers

How we work with schools and universities

  • Monitoring system-wide attack surface

    See what threat actors see about your education systems so you can take action to resolve vulnerabilities before incidents occur. SecurityScorecard assesses network security and describes how specific systems, applications, third parties, and vulnerabilities are impacting external security postures.

  • Preventing third-party breaches

    Mitigate vendor risk in order to protect important systems and data from threat actors who take advantage of the weakest link. Automated, scalable, and integrated workflows, allow education systems to mature their third-party risk management and compliance operations across their entire supply chain and vendor ecosystem.

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