The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Blog, Learning Center March 18, 2024

What are Security Ratings?

Frequently Asked Questions about security ratings

What is the meaning of security rating?

A security rating is an objective measure of an organization’s security posture. Typically they use an easy-to-understand rating system, such as A-F.

What are the different types of security ratings?

Security ratings can differ based on the provider, but all typically involve a system to measure cyber risk.

How do security ratings work?

Security ratings analyze an organization’s entire cybersecurity landscape to identify risk and vulnerabilities in both the organization and third-party vendors.

What is a security risk rating?

A security risk rating assesses an organization’s entire risk landscape and points to vulnerabilities that should be addressed.

What is the rating scale for cyber security?

SecurityScorecard uses an easy-to-understand scale from A-F, with A being the highest, showing a strong security posture, and F being the lowest, indicating a poor security posture.

How do you rate risk in cyber security?