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SecurityScorecard & Center for Diagnostic Imaging Customer Testimonial

Learn how Center for Diagnostic Imaging uses SecurityScorecard to ensure regulatory compliance and manage their third-party cybersecurity risk.

It’s difficult to demonstrate due care and keep up with regulatory requirements

Regulators across all industries are increasingly turning their eye to third-party and business associations. Due care requires both the continuous risk monitoring of critical relationships and the ability to take prompt action and address issues.

Instantly Gain Visibility Into the Security Risks & Vulnerabilities of Third-Parties

The SecurityScorecard security rating platform provides your IT team with visibility into the security risk posture of any third-party or vendor. SecurityScorecard gives you the ability to quickly generate and download security risk reports, or invite your third-parties to view and remediate critical issues directly within the platform.

Quickly Identify High-Risk Third-Parties & Expedite Due Diligence

Our high performing security rating platform allows you to promptly assess the security risk posture of any prospective third-party or vendor. Our exclusive and predictive risk insights enable you to prioritize labor intensive assessments and due diligence for your most critical and high-risk third-parties.

Continuously Monitor Third-Parties To Ensure Regulatory Compliance

SecurityScorecard performs ongoing compliance monitoring for third-parties and vendors. Using SecurityScorecard technology, your organization can confidently demonstrate compliance with many of today’s regulatory standards.

Third-Party Risk and Regulatory Insights

SecurityScorecard allows Liquidnet to perform the type and depth of third-party vendor security assessments expected by our customers and regulators – without breaking our budget.

Al Berg

Chief Security & Risk Officer

Liquidnet Case Study

Learn how Liquidnet closed their third-party risk gap and stays on top of shifting compliance regulations with SecurityScorecard.

Mastering Third-Party Risk

Discover how you can reduce unmanaged risk while also ensuring demonstration of due care with continuous monitoring.

The Rising Regulatory Landscape

See how the flood of new regulations is changing the third-party risk landscape and why compliance is no longer a checkbox.