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Comprehensive security ratings, advanced data analytics, and actionable insights.

Minimize cyber risk in your IT infrastructure and in your vendor and third-party ecosystem, gain meaningful and actionable insights, and scale your program with SecurityScorecard’s suite of products and services.


Security Ratings

Continuously monitor the cybersecurity posture of any organization.

Security ratings enable companies to instantly rate, understand, and continuously monitor the security risk of any company worldwide, non-intrusively and from an outside-in perspective.

SecurityScorecard uses an A-F rating scale so that companies can easily understand, communicate, and improve their cybersecurity posture.

Find out what security ratings can do for you.

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The leading cybersecurity questionnaire exchange & validation solution for modern risk management.

Atlas accelerates the cybersecurity questionnaire exchange process by empowering organizations to send, complete, and auto-validate questionnaires at scale. Atlas aligns questionnaire responses with SecurityScorecard Ratings, providing an instant 360° view of cyber security risk and automatic validation of responses, enabling companies to objectively pinpoint risk.

Discover how you can take your information security and vendor risk assessment process to the next level.

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Professional Services

Accelerate program transformation and scale your team’s impact with guidance from industry experts.

SecurityScorecard Professional Services enables organizations to improve their own cybersecurity posture and TRPM programs through advisory and managed services. Industry experts provide tailored advice on operationalizing security ratings and Atlas and on-going support as an extension of an organization’s workforce for continuous monitoring and due diligence.

Your system is only as good as its data. So get the best data.

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Security Data

The world’s most comprehensive source of cybersecurity data.

Organizations need effective ways to leverage cybersecurity data for actionable insights, across their entire enterprise and third-party ecosystem. SecurityScorecard’s global security intelligence engine continuously collects and analyzes a broad range of highly relevant, but non-intrusive, cybersecurity signals for millions of digital assets across the internet. SecurityScorecard Data enables customers to tap into this data for over 1.3 million companies, bringing cybersecurity data to the heart of their business operations.

Discover data-driven risk management.

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How Our Scoring Works

How do you score risk? Like This.


Our proprietary software gathers threat intelligence data using nonintrusive methods.


The threat data is normalized and scored using patented machine-learning algorithms.


Based on the threat data, businesses are rated and benchmarked against one another.

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