Cyber Due Diligence

Make financial decisions with confidence.

Instantly assess and quantify the cybersecurity posture of any company in the world.

Evaluate the cybersecurity performance of any company as part of your strategic due diligence.

Investing in or buying another company means taking on its digital operations, which can bring new and potentially deal-altering cybersecurity risks. Unless cybersecurity threats are identified and addressed early in the process, these threats have the potential to jeopardize a deal’s anticipated value. In fact, 80% of global dealmakers uncovered data security issues in one-quarter of their M&A targets.

A comprehensive view of a target company’s cyberhealth is a critical component of the due diligence process. The target’s security posture, compliance adherence, and ability to effectively remediate vulnerabilities must be essential elements of your evaluation process. Accurate security ratings help detect critical issues in M&A transactions, private equity deals, credit underwriting, and financial sales and trading.

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See how SecurityScorecard helps financial services.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Gain leverage in negotiations.

Rely on SecurityScorecard’s unmatched risk assessment and security ratings platform management platform for a comprehensive view into any M&A target’s cyberhealth. Benchmark any organization’s performance against industry peers and competitors, providing you leverage in negotiations when buying or selling. Post-acquisition, monitor the cyberhealth of your investments and assets across your entire portfolio.

Private Equity

Monitor your portfolio.

Integrate SecurityScorecard into your due diligence processes to reduce your exposure and make better acquisition decisions. GPs rely on SecurityScorecard to ensure that LPs and their companies’ cybersecurity posture are up to par. Enable your portfolio companies to maintain their cybersecurity posture with SecurityScorecard, ensuring safe and resilient ecosystem.

Credit Underwriting

Make informed decisions.

Improve your ability to predict loan performance and ensure interest rates accurately reflect the security posture of a company. A breach can result in a large loan charge-off for any underwriter. Proper due diligence ensures interest rates accurately reflect the security posture of the company. SecurityScorecard enables you to make quick and sound decisions when assessing a potential borrower’s risk.

Financial Trading

Incorporate security ratings into your model.

Gain a more comprehensive picture of a company to efficiently make informed trading decisions. Leverage SecurityScorecard Data in your model to get a quick snapshot of a company’s cyber risk profile and make more confident trading decisions.

Learn how SecurityScorecard can help you reduce risk.

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SecurityScorecard helped me tell a story early on of how our team can be effective in decreasing reputational risk for the company. That helped me build a budget in the first year to shore up funding for foundational aspects of the program.

David Ruedger CIO, RMS

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