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We’re Here to Help You Assess Your Partners’ Business Continuity Risk with Our Free Questionnaire Template

Posted on March 25th, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt all over the world and in every aspect of our lives - our families, communities, and how we work. Over the past two weeks, at SecurityScorecard we have also been navigating the quickly shifting landscape as we enacted proper measures to guarantee business continuity while following precautions in response to COVID-19. I’m thankful for every member of our team that has worked tirelessly to ensure our company, partners, and customers continue to receive secure and uninterrupted operations.

One of the key aspects I worked on was not only maintaining our own cybersecurity posture, but also ensuring that our business partners have their own remote workforce business continuity plans. Part of this exercise included sending our business continuity questionnaire to our partners. This helped us assess key controls to understand their remote workforce and business continuity preparedness.

More than ever, it is important to remain committed to our core mission of making the world a safer place. As the global workforce transitions, customers and partners have turned to us for advice to maintain the security of their business ecosystems. We have already gone ahead and shared resources with our community to enable the safety and productivity of organizations. We are also making our Remote Workforce Business Continuity Vendor Assessment template available for free to any company working to keep their organization and partners safe and productive.

We purposefully crafted a condensed questionnaire with the most critical questions to increase the response rate at a time when organizations may already be overwhelmed. This covers all of the categories you should be asking right now, including:

  • What remote workforce technologies do they have in place?
  • Do your third-parties have remote workforce security controls?
  • Is there a formal business continuity plan in place?
  • Are your vendors’ employees properly receiving security awareness training?
  • What do your third-parties’ incident response plans look like?

We remain committed to helping organizations around the globe maintain their cybersecurity posture and be able to easily collaborate with their business partners. I welcome you to leverage this template to ensure business continuity in your ecosystem. For current customers, we’ve already pre-loaded the template in Atlas, our automated questionnaire and evidence exchange solution. As Scorecarders, we’re grateful for the opportunity to lead the industry by being the most trusted and transparent provider of cybersecurity ratings.

Download the Business Continuity Assessment Template

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