Cyber Insurance

Streamline your underwriting process, reduce risk in your portfolio.

SecurityScorecard’s accurate security ratings help cyber insurance carriers, reinsurers, brokers, and risk managers better manage risk and continuously monitor policyholders.

Security ratings for cyber insurance can help you grow your business with confidence.

Cyber Insurance underwriters and brokers need visibility into their insured’s security posture.

Cyber insurance is designed to financially protect businesses from data breaches and is an important component of enterprise risk mitigation strategy. Underwriters remain understandably cautious when issuing cyber insurance policies, because it can be difficult to easily understand their clients' cyberhealth. Accurate security ratings can help carriers, reinsurers, brokers and risk managers better manage risk and continuously monitor policyholders.

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How security ratings can help cyber insurance underwriters.

Risk Assessment

Accurately assess security posture.

Rely on SecurityScorecard’s unmatched risk assessment and security ratings capabilities for a comprehensive view into any prospective policyholder’s security health. Pinpoint critical vulnerabilities. See historical data documenting a prospect’s performance related to accurate identification and effective mitigation of cybersecurity issues.

Identify risks in real time.

See how prospective clients stack up against industry leaders and competitors using SecurityScorecard’s innovative benchmarking tools. Ensure that cyber insurance premiums accurately reflect policyholder security posture.

Maintain visibility of client ecosystem.

Continuously monitor the security posture of vendors and business partners in a policyholder’s ecosystem. Rely on SecurityScorecard’s proprietary data collection methodologies to ensure due diligence from the point of prospect evaluation and policy underwriting to the end of the coverage period.

Protect policy holders, and your bottom line.

Use the SecurityScorecard platform to track changes in policyholder and partner security performance over time. Collaboration tools enable expedited identification and mitigation of security issues across all policyholder environments in your portfolio.

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