Security Benchmarking for Cyber Insurance

Your prospects need to hedge their security risk with cyber insurance.

A Cyber Insurance Partner with Security DNA

Your customers are clamoring for cyber insurance policies, but it is difficult to have policies signed without your ability to show real-world knowledge of IT security risk issues. Attackers continually advance their techniques. Visibility is paramount to isolate the impact of data breaches, stolen intellectual property, negative media attention, and the reputational damage from security events.

Position Your Company As Security Experts

Show your prospects an instant, immediate security-risk posture when they are most interested: At the time of a policy request. Compare your policyholders to the industry standard and gain a deeper insight into your entire customer portfolio. The ten categories within our security-risk benchmarking platform go deep into a company’s posture without intruding on anyone’s network.

Prospect and Sign More Cyber Insurance Policies

Once you are viewed as a trusted security expert, you will be able to easily have policy contracts signed and delivered. With SecurityScorecard, you can pinpoint the exact security-risk issue of your prospects while you are trying to have the policy signed. Use SecurityScorecard to help increase your revenues from cyber insurance by looking for opportunities to increase the policy limits, as you simultaneously gain deeper insight into the depths of cyber security issues and problem areas of your prospects.

Become a Cyber Insurance Powerhouse

With SecurityScorecard your prospects reduce the financial, reputational, and legal impacts of breaches and other security events. Develop a cyber insurance solution for your practice to more easily sell the widest range of policies on the market.