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SecurityScorecard Partners with Udacity on Cybersecurity Nanodegree

Naren Shankar
Posted on July 30th, 2020

SecurityScorecard is thrilled to be partnering with Udacity to bring easily accessible cybersecurity education to the public and enterprises through the Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program, Udacity’s first cybersecurity program.

Combining SecurityScorecard’s mission to make the world a safer place with Udacity’s mission to power careers through tech education makes for a powerful and effective Nanodegree program.

“Our goal at Udacity is to train the world’s workforce in the in-demand careers of the future, and cybersecurity is a critical industry that’s experiencing a significant gap in demand for and supply of qualified professionals,” said Alper Tekin, Chief Product Officer at Udacity. “We’re excited and proud to partner with SecurityScorecard to bring practical cybersecurity skills training to students and companies across all industries, to answer the massive demand for cybersecurity professionals.”

Learn more about the importance of the Nanodegree as well as course-specific details.

Importance of the cybersecurity Nanodegree

Year after year jobs in cybersecurity continue to grow, in fact, Cybersecurity Specialist jobs rank in the top 10 professions in LinkedIn’s latest 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, with a staggering 30% growth year over year. Per the report, “the growth and importance of this role are likely to continue as reports show data breaches have increased more than 50% in 2019 over this time last year.”

In addition, while there are currently an estimated 2.8 million cybersecurity professionals, a report from (ISC)2 found that the additional trained staff needed to close the cybersecurity skills gap is close to 4.07 million professionals, indicating a need for the cybersecurity workforce to increase by 145% globally. One of the many statistics which makes the Nanodegree program more relevant and necessary than ever.

What you’ll learn in the Nanodegree program

The Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree was developed by Udacity in conjunction with SecurityScorecard to teach a strong foundation in cybersecurity skills and knowledge. This Nanodegree program offers the right balance of structured content and practitioner-level skills to enable a learner to become a cybersecurity professional. The program is also a great supplement for any IT professional looking to build stronger cybersecurity skills.

Here is what you will learn in the Nanodegree.

Course 1: Cybersecurity Foundations
This foundation course explains security fundamentals including core principles, critical security controls, and cybersecurity best practices.

Project 1: Securing a Common Business System
Investigate and fix security issues on a Windows 10 client system as a way of demonstrating fundamental cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Course 2: Defending and Securing Systems
Get exposed to a diverse group of technologies that will provide or enhance the skills needed to enter the cybersecurity field.

Project 2: Monitoring and Securing the DFI Environment
Analyze Windows and Linux servers and report recommendations on OS hardening, compliance issues, encryption, and network security for Douglas Financials Inc.

Course 3: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response
Learn how to identify security threats and gaps, fix issues, and respond to inevitable attacks.

Project 3: Navigating a Cybersecurity Incident
Apply the skills you have acquired to navigate a potential cyber incident threatening a Hospital.

Course 4: Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Learn about the functions of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, and how each function operates alongside operational controls to strengthen an organization’s security.

Project 4: SwiftTech Report
As a brand new GRC analyst for SwiftTech, you’ll need to understand the business quickly and improve their GRC documentation to help support the organization’s goals.

This program is advantageous for IT professionals, risk analysts, and QA engineers who need to build foundational cybersecurity knowledge, though any individual with basic familiarity of network connectivity and operating systems would also benefit from these critical skills.

Interested in getting started? Learn how you can enroll!

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