Financial Services

Streamline financial services cybersecurity while maintaining compliance with banking regulations.

Remediate vulnerabilities that expose you to attack and noncompliance.

Safeguard your business and brand reputation.

Financial institutions are magnets for hackers. Successful attacks reap huge benefits. Ongoing reliance on legacy systems and insufficient third-party risk management practices make commercial and investment banks especially prone to increasingly hostile data breaches and ransomware. One incident can threaten short- and long-term business value and brand reputation.

Financial institutions must make significant strides in basic cybersecurity hygiene by continuously assessing and monitoring their own security posture as well as the cyberhealth of their vendor and partner ecosystems.

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SecurityScorecard Financial Solution Use Cases

Security Ratings

Analyze risk across 10 groups of risk factors.

The SecurityScorecard platform analyzes risk across 10 groups of risk factors encompassing millions of unique data points. Our proprietary algorithms leverage this threat intelligence to calculate an overall security score for your organization as well as for every one of your service providers. Recognized as the industry standard for financial institutions, our security ratings form the backbone of risk management in some of the world’s largest commercial and investment banks.

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Security Rating Grade A

Third-Party Risk Management

Comprehensive oversight and continuous risk monitoring.

Regulators continue to scrutinize and crackdown on enforcement related to third-party risk management. The Federal Reserve Board mandates specific characteristics, governance, and operations for financial sector service provider risk management. Comprehensive oversight and continuous risk monitoring are required for the complete contractual lifecycle of all outsourced relationships. Vet the security posture of every service provider and look at common financial services cybersecurity issues correlated across a group of companies or portfolios to determine which vulnerabilities to focus on first. Gain unprecedented visibility into third-party systems and data that integrate with your infrastructure. Reduce your liability. Secure your ecosystem.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Discover, monitor, and report on your cyberhealth.

Discover, monitor, and report on the cyberhealth of your infrastructure from the outside in – see what a hacker sees. Evaluate your risk with our proprietary data collection and analytics capabilities. Our security ratings allow you to drill down into specific issues and seamlessly collaborate with service providers to expedite incident response and remediation.

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Cybersecurity Self Assessment Capabilities
Compliance Regulations


Map vulnerabilities to financial services cybersecurity standards.

Map vulnerabilities in your ecosystem to any financial industry cybersecurity standard or framework, including SOX, PCI DSS, and ISO. Combine SecurityScorecard security Ratings with FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to measure and evaluate preparedness and maturity. Assess and analyze vulnerable behaviors, practices, and processes in specific cybersecurity domains to achieve the level of security commensurate with your risk profile.

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Cyber Due Diligence

Make business decisions with confidence.

Higher valuations are contributing to increased consolidation. Banks continue to fuel growth through acquisition. During M&A transactions, outdated and vulnerable legacy systems are absorbed by the acquiring institution and often not updated or secured for years to come. Before you merge or acquire, investigate your M&A target’s IT infrastructure compatibility, ease of integration, and most importantly, security posture with the most powerful and accurate tools and technologies available to the financial industry.

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Cyber Insurance

Take control of your risk profile.

Insurance providers leverage our platform when underwriting cyber insurance policies for their customers. We enable financial institutions to take control of their risk profile while giving insurers visibility into the cyberhealth of their prospects and policyholders.

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I can base all my assessments off the security ratings because they’re very accurate. I have no part to play in assessing what score they should be. I trust SecurityScorecard to do it properly

Kenneth Ord

Kenneth Ord Head of IT Security, Modulr

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