Odyssey.conf 2024: Navigating the Future of Supply Chain Cybersecurity with SecurityScorecard

Last week, the Ritz Carlton, on fabulous Key Biscayne, FL, buzzed with the energy of Odyssey.conf, SecurityScorecard’s inaugural customer conference. Top industry minds, including Brian Krebs, Rob Knake, Jim Routh, and Hector Monsegur took to the stage along with SecurityScorecard staff and customers. SecurityScorecard showcased the latest innovations and highlighted CISOs shaping the future of cybersecurity. We unveiled MAX, our new managed services offering that is winning over customers with its simplicity and outcomes-focused approach.

SSC Odyssey sign at Odyssey.conf 2024

Keynote highlights: Diverse expertise shaping cybersecurity’s future

At Odyssey.conf, the spotlight was on our keynote speakers. These industry leaders from diverse backgrounds shaped the conversation at the conference, offering unique, real-world insights and forward-thinking approaches. Their collective expertise not only illuminated current challenges but also charted a course for the future of cybersecurity.

Brandon Daniels, CEO of Exiger: Brandon Daniels brought his vast experience managing crises and cybersecurity risk across various sectors to the stage. His session offered unique insights into the intersection of technology, legal, and compliance fields, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of these interconnected areas.

Rob Knake, Senior Research Scientist, Council on Foreign Relations: As a former Director for Cybersecurity Policy at the National Security Council, Rob Knake shared his expert knowledge on national cybersecurity policies and strategies, offering a macro perspective on the role of cybersecurity in national security.

Brian Krebs, Investigative Reporter, Renowned for his investigative reporting, Brian Krebs delved into his experiences in cybercrime journalism. His discussion on high-profile data breaches and emerging cyber threats gave attendees an in-depth look at current cybersecurity challenges.

Sam Kassoumeh and Brian Krebs

Ray Mabus, Former Secretary of the U.S. Navy: Drawing on his leadership experience, Ray Mabus highlighted the crucial integration of People, Platforms, Power, and Partnerships in cybersecurity. His insights offered a strategic approach to enhancing cybersecurity in various organizational contexts.

Hector Monsegur, Black Hat turned White Hat, Cybersecurity Practitioner, & Speaker: Monsegur’s life is a complex narrative, beginning in New York’s Lower East Side projects, where he faced poverty and family struggles. Discovering that his computer skills could transcend his limited formal education and socioeconomic challenges, Hector delved into the world of hacking, becoming a prominent figure in the “hacktivist” community and targeting a wide array of organizations, from multinational corporations to governments as the co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec.

Jim Routh, Board Member, Former Fortune 500 CS0/CISO: As the former CISO for KPMG, DTCC, and American Express, Jim has over 30 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner, management consultant, and leader of technology, analytic and information security functions for global firms. Renowned in cybersecurity, Jim’s expertise was on full display at Odyssey.conf, as he provided valuable insights into the evolution of third-party risk management and how global supply chain management is core to enterprise resilience. 

Routh’s keynote not only drew from a rich career history but also delved into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the vital role of enterprise resilience in navigating these challenges. Jim’s talk underscored the importance of adapting to the changing dynamics of global crises, from climate change impacts to political conflicts, and how these factors intricately tie into cybersecurity strategies for organizations today.

The range of keynote speakers for the event was impressive, with each bringing their own unique knowledge and insights. The group shared deep analyses and future-focused views on different aspects of cybersecurity. These keynotes were informative and sparked lively conversations among those in attendance. This sharing of thoughts and experiences emphasized Odyssey.conf’s aim to push forward the cybersecurity discussion.

Sam Kassoumeh speaking at Odyssey.conf 2024

Cutting-edge topics in cybersecurity: AI, security ratings, and supply chain cyber risk management

The conference agenda was jam-packed with over 20 sessions across four tracks, covering a wide range of crucial topics in cybersecurity. Attendees delved into Cloud Security, Endpoint Protection, Threat Intelligence, and more. Each session offered valuable insights into the evolving threats and strategies to address them, making the conference a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Notable sessions included discussions on our latest innovations, AI and cybersecurity, the impact and importance of cybersecurity ratings, the future of supply chain cybersecurity, and strategies for protecting organizations from supply chain risks. Odyssey.conf also featured two engaging panels, one led by industry-leading CISOs discussing their thoughts on the current state of supply chain cyber risk, including regulation, AI, and CISO liability, among other trends, and another dedicated to cyber insurance underwriting. 

Our Chief Product Officer, Ram Krishnan, took center stage in an innovation session to reveal the latest developments in third-party and supply chain cyber risk management. This presentation highlighted our ongoing commitment to evolving these crucial areas and set the stage for future advancements.

Sam Kassoumeh's keynote at Odyssey.conf 2024

Simultaneously, the launch of MAX, our groundbreaking technology-enabled service, was showcased by Jeff Laskowski, SVP & GM Professional Services. MAX represents a significant leap in managing supply chain cyber risk, integrating AI, comprehensive risk and threat telemetry, and the expertise of top-tier cybersecurity professionals. This service is designed to significantly enhance the cybersecurity posture of supply chains, marking a pivotal moment in our approach to tackling cyber risks in an increasingly interconnected world. To learn more about MAX, check out our press release from early this week.

The variety of topics at Odyssey.conf meant there was something for everyone, catering to a wide range of interests and career goals. This ensured attendees left with new knowledge and a sense of connection to a wider professional community.

Deck of the yacht at Odyssey.conf 2024

Fostering connections & networking opportunities at Odyssey.conf

Beyond the formal sessions, Odyssey.conf fostered a vibrant community atmosphere where attendees could engage in meaningful conversations with cybersecurity experts, thought leaders, and fellow professionals. This environment was conducive to forming lasting professional connections and potential collaborations. 

Odyssey.conf featured dedicated networking events and informal meet-ups, providing a more relaxed setting for attendees to discuss emerging trends and share industry experiences. These interactions enhanced the conference experience and contributed to building a stronger, more interconnected cybersecurity community, further emphasizing the event’s role in shaping the industry’s future. 

Reflecting on Odyssey.conf 2024: Setting new standards in cybersecurity conferences

The impact of Odyssey.conf 2024 extends beyond the event itself, setting a new benchmark for what a cybersecurity conference can achieve. It has ignited conversations that are likely to influence cybersecurity practices and policies in the years to come. The community that has emerged from this event is a testament to the power of collective wisdom and shared goals in advancing cybersecurity. 

Looking ahead, we anticipate that Odyssey.conf 2025 will not only build upon the foundations laid this year but also introduce more innovative ideas, foster stronger collaborations, and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity. This momentum is crucial as we face an ever-evolving digital landscape, with SecurityScorecard at the forefront of driving change and excellence in the industry.

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