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Security Scorecard

Improve Your SecurityScorecard Security Rating with Score Planner

Amber Britton
Posted on February 23rd, 2021

Whether invited to our platform as a customer’s vendor or using our security ratings for yourself, you want to leverage the SecurityScorecard technologies to enhance your security posture. As an organization, you want to protect your security, not just by monitoring your own controls’ effectiveness but also by proving governance over your hyper-connected ecosystem.

Our A-F rating scale provides real-time, at-a-glance visibility into how certain risk factors are more indicative of a breach than others, like application security and patching cadence. For example, the medium severity “outdated operating system” has a more significant impact on your score than the high severity CVE issue. Leveraging Score Planner, you can accelerate remediating your own issues or provide a vendor with a plan that will better secure both of you.

Enter Score Planner

Score Planner removes the analysis paralysis by giving you an easy-to-follow plan that optimizes your security rating improvement activities. Score Planner is available for both free and paid users.

Set your own pace

Some companies are content to move their score up slowly. However, if you currently have a C and need an A to meet your SLA, you need a plan that gives you the most efficient way to do that.

Taking the top Score Impact issues might do it, but that might mean you sacrifice high severity issues in the process. Without those, you still have security weaknesses that can lead to a data breach. Focusing on all high severity issues might mean it takes longer to achieve the desired score.

With Score Planner, you start by indicating the security rating you want to achieve. Our platform’s algorithm then designs a plan that efficiently and effectively gets you where you want to be.

Simulations to create your own plan

Some customers give their engineering team access to the SecurityScorecard platform and then make a customized plan. Easily invite team members to the platform!

When you’re looking at just the column listing Severity and Score Impact, you can’t apply the SecurityScorecard algorithms to compare options. Score Planner gives you that option.

Using the drag-and-drop feature, your engineering team can choose the issues they care about most. For example, if your web development team has access to Score Planner, they can focus on the issues impacting web application security. As they drag and drop the issues, Score Planner gives immediate feedback showing how the changes impact its overall score.

Provide vendors with a plan

SecurityScorecard started with the belief that companies needed visibility into their vendors’ security posture. As more regulations require you to prove governance over third-party risk, you need solutions that help you be proactive.

You can use Score Planner to create remediation plans for your vendors. To meet compliance requirements, you need to prove that you know vendors’ security posture and have tried to influence them, if necessary.

With Score Planner, you can either generate an automated plan or create a plan customized to the vendor based on your needs. Business relationships require the same level of communication as personal ones. With Score Planner, you can communicate better with your third- and fourth-party business partners. Giving them insight into the security issues that matter to you can foster a stronger, more secure working relationship.

Score Planner by SecurityScorecard: Enhanced security. Your way.

At SecurityScorecard, we recognize that no one-size-fits-all approach to security exists. Cybersecurity is based on an organization’s business goals and risk tolerance. Every organization has its own needs and risk profile, so every organization needs to create a personal score plan.

SecurityScorecard’s Score Planner gives you a way to holistically view your cybersecurity posture holistically, then drill down into the areas that mean the most to your business. For organizations looking to resolve findings, Score Planner gives visibility into the different issues impacting the initial score.

Score Planner identifies issues impacting the score, which can provide visibility into findings that you may want to dispute, correct, or appeal. For example, you may have a compensating control not visible to our non-intrusive, outside-in view. Score Planner will show you the issue, and you can add a comment on your Scorecard, using one of our five pre-canned comments or providing a custom comment. Whether you need help creating the perfect score plan or want a customized one, SecurityScorecard’s Score Planner can help you achieve your security goals.

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