Stay alert to cyberattacks. Manage risk across your IT ecosystem.

Ensure consistent compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

Safeguard patient privacy and health provider infrastructure.

With the sophistication of attacks on the rise, and clinicians’ increased reliance on connected mobile and vulnerable IoT medical devices, risk to healthcare organizations has increased dramatically. Given the estimated 4.5 million electronic health records exposed last year, the industry’s defenses are no match for hackers. With an uptick in data breaches that compromise protected health information (PHI), the highly-regulated healthcare industry faces stiff penalties and potentially devastating long-term consequences.

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SecurityScorecard Healthcare Solutions

Security Rating Grade A

Security Ratings

Improve the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem.

We start with a score and then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem. Truly actionable, we provide the capability to look at correlated security flaws amongst a group of companies, or portfolio, plus individual company scores to determine which vulnerabilities to focus on first. Our security ratings are recognized as the industry standard and are relied upon by the most trusted brands in the world.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Identify, monitor, and manage third-party risk.

Instantly discover the security posture of any treatment center, insurance provider, or manufacturer in your ecosystem. Continuously identify, monitor, and manage third-party risk with SecurityScorecard’s integrated workflows. Gain an accurate view of risk, whether that risk is posed by one poor performing vendor or by a correlated risk across a group of companies.

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[Report] Healthcare Industry & Telehealth Cybersecurity Risks

Learn about cybersecurity risks affecting healthcare and telehealth.

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Cybersecurity Self Assessment Capabilities

Enterprise Risk Management

Discover, monitor, and report your cyberhealth.

Discover, monitor, and report on the cyberhealth of your IT infrastructure from the outside in – see what a hacker sees. Evaluate your risk with our proprietary data collection and analytics capabilities. Our security ratings display your organization’s performance across 10 groups of risk factors and allow you to drill down into specific issues and findings based on millions of data points.

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Achieve and maintain automated compliance.

Achieve and maintain automated compliance with SecurityScorecard. Our platform maps directly to all relevant security standards and regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, HHS, and PCI. Document rigorous vendor risk management practices. Use the platform to capture, report, and remediate security vulnerabilities in partner provider networks. Minimize the risk of findings and penalties against your organization.

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Compliance Regulations

The magic here is that this is really a tool that helps to identify a risk that we might not be aware of. Plus, this tool is really allowing us to drill the point where I can tell you which machine is causing a lower patching score.

Paul Hypki

Paul Hypki CISO, Children's Hospital of Minnesota

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