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Integrate360°, SecurityScorecard's Marketplace

SecurityScorecard is proud to partner with over 40 product integrations, security intelligence partners, professional service providers, and more to empower security professionals to find, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Check out a selection of quotes from select partners on why they have partnered with SecurityScorecard.

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360° Visibility

Learn how you can get a 360° view of your cybersecurity risk with SecurityScorecard Ratings and Atlas. Download the data sheet.

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Getting Started with Third-Party Risk Management

SecurityScorecard provides powerful, automation solutions that allow security teams to manage growing third-party ecosystems without increasing budget and staffing.

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Board & C-Suite Reports

Deliver real-time, customizable executive-level insights about your third-party risk.

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A Focus on the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers must ensure their vendors' security profiles align with their own security posture. Download our data sheet to learn how security ratings strengthen your supplier risk management initiatives, and strengthen your ERP system security.

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SecurityScorecard Designated a 2020 Cyber Catalyst by Marsh

SecurityScorecard Security Ratings Platform has been recognized as a 2020 Cyber Catalyst solution by Marsh following an independent evaluation by leading insurers.

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How Do SecurityScorecard Ratings Work?

SecurityScorecard provides transparency into our ratings methodology and delivers insights into how it aligns with industry standards. Understand the principles, methodology, and process behind how our cybersecurity ratings work.

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Applying Data-Driven Methodologies to Generate More Meaningful Cybersecurity Ratings

After applying machine learning-tuned factor weights to our sample data, we found that organizations with an F rating are 7.7x more likely to sustain a breach than those with an A.

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The Golden Rules for Managing Third-Party Risk in the New Normal

Check out 3 tried and true “golden rules” for third-party risk management in the new normal, and some of the ways SecurityScorecard can help you follow them.

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SecurityScorecard Provides Undisputed Measurable Value

Customers turn to SecurityScorecard for visibility into their risk landscape, enabling them to collaborate more effectively, both internally and externally. This allows customers to optimize their security investments in people, process, and technology.

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Collaborate More Effectively with your Third-Party Environment

To run an efficient cyber risk management program, security and IT teams need to collaborate even more effectively with their vendors, partners, suppliers, and other third parties. Download the data sheet to learn more.

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SecurityScorecard & RSA Archer® GRC Platform Integration

SecurityScorecard’s integrated solution with the RSA Archer® GRC platform enables you to scale and enhance your vendor risk management (VRM) with SecurityScorecard Ratings.

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SecurityScorecard for PCI Compliance

Download our Data Sheet to learn how you can meet evolving PCI requirements by maturing your PCI DSS compliance.

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Global Cyber Security Data Insights

Download this data sheet that outlines our global findings of the cybersecurity of companies in the financial industry, and see which region's results we deem to be concerning.

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Atlas Overview

Download this data sheet to see how Atlas cuts the due diligence exchange process in half and augments team capacity by up to 66%.

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Next-Gen Cyber Security Scoring Data Sheet

Get a transparent view of cyber security risk

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Score Planner Data Sheet

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