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Security Scorecard

New Feature Release: Custom Scorecard

Ian Breeze
Posted on August 21st, 2019

SecurityScorecard is continuously working to deliver enhancements. I am especially excited about a new feature we’ve just released, Custom Scorecard, as a part of the SecurityScorecard Ratings product. Users can now divide and score segments of their company (or a partner’s organization), including business lines, subsidiaries and organizational departments. Security practitioners and risk leaders that already use the SecurityScorecard platform can build customized scorecards for their area of concern to get further insight into specific issues.

So what’s behind the hype?

  • SecurityScorecard is the only security ratings product in the market enabling users to instantly build on their own Custom Scorecards and get a detailed rating on-demand.
  • We discover a company’s digital footprint and enable it to be segmented into relevant portfolios. Design scorecards by business units, subsidiaries, geographical locations, IP addresses, subdomains and domains.
  • We enhance trust and transparency in the vendor ecosystem by providing more representative and actionable risk profiles.

Custom Scorecards enable individual business areas (i.e. by geography or service line) and/or IT leaders to manage cybersecurity risk.

SecurityScorecard Custom Scorecard

We’re unique.

We allow end users to categorize digital assets themselves and there’s no extra solution or package that you need to add-on to get access to a deeper level of insights. We have the fastest customized scorecards of the cybersecurity risk ratings solutions or security rating services (SRS) providers. We’re the most trusted and transparent when it comes to our ratings methodology and how it aligns with industry standards. Most importantly, our clients appreciate our S[CORE]card values, one of which is being customer centric. Dedicated Customer Success Managers are here to help you make the most of our tools and services.

Work smarter.

Here at SecurityScorecard we’re always trying to reduce operational risk for our clients. Customized scorecards enable organizations to allocate accountability for security monitoring and remediation to relevant employee, compliance team members can have targeted conversations with product and service leaders, and IT leaders can see the individual servers and associated vulnerabilities. Other insights include:

  • Enable the prioritization of security remediations within business and IT teams
  • Allow the comparison of security postures for various product lines
  • Promote compliance to celebrate performing security champions
  • Facilitate board reporting for each products’ security posture so that attention and money can be focused where needed the most
  • Perform better due diligence for M&A transactions so that you have a complete risk vs. value assessment

Any feedback?

We love hearing your thoughts and are constantly working to improve. If you have feedback on the SecurityScorecard platform, our products, and/or features please contact your Customer Success Manager or email [email protected].

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