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Know your partners’ key security risks. Right now.

SecurityScorecard™ grading service gives you continuous insight into the security posture and key risks of your company and of your business partners, as understood by cybercriminals who are performing reconnaissance on your company’s infrastructure.

Take action based on real-time events

SecurityScorecard™ collects and contextualizes millions of signals across key risk categories into our big-data analysis engine, providing real-time threat intel and actionable intelligence to improve security posture of your company and your partner ecosystem.

Security signal collection
Patented signal-to-company mapping algorithm
Big Data Engine benchmarks company's security posture
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Your Board is asking you if you have security covered. Don’t be accountable for what you don’t understand. Learn your complete security posture within minutes. Make strategic decisions based on quantitative KPIs, reported by SecurityScorecard™, and reduce risk of a data breach and reputational brand damage before it happens.

Our Story

Several years ago, I was the CISO at a rapidly growing e-commerce retailer GILT Groupe.I invested budget in a variety of security tools, intrusion detection systems, and traditional vulnerability scanners to protect information within our company, and felt confident I was doing a thorough job protecting the company. But I often wondered if our third party partners and vendors were as diligent in their security processes? How could I know?

The methods available to me to monitor and measure their security were the equivalent of doing inventory with a pencil and paper in the age of RFIDs. One-time penetration tests or paper-based surveys vendors filled out did not do it for me. There had to be a better way.

But I found there wasn’t. And that was the genesis of SecurityScorecard™ grading service. Always-on and easy to use, it gives you unmatched intelligence and insight into the security risk levels of your system and those of your partners on a continuous basis.
So you always know.

Aleksandr Yampolskiy
CEO, SecurityScorecard, Inc.

Executive Team

Our team consists of proven security thought leaders: former CISOs, CTOs, security Ph.D.s, hackers, innovators, and vetted security professionals.


Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy

CEO, Co-founder
Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy is CEO of SecurityScorecard.  Before this, he was a CTO of BlogTalkRadio/Cinchcast - largest online radio network in the world, and prior to that he was Head of Security and Compliance at Gilt Groupe companies, responsible for all aspects of IT infrastructure 
security, secure application development, and PCI compliance.
 He has also worked at Goldman Sachs, Oracle, and Microsoft, where he was a lead technologist building large-scale, performance enterprise software focused on IDM, SSO, 
authentication and authorization. He’s been cited in 
New York Times, ComputerWorld, Observer, and other media.
 He’s a published author and speaks regularly on security and software 
development processes.  

Sam Kassoumeh

COO, Co-founder
Mr. Sam Kassoumeh is the COO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard.  He has been innovating in the information security space for over 10 years, embracing increasing levels of ownership, responsibility and success throughout his career.  Before co-founding SecurityScorecard, Sam joined Gilt Groupe, where he and Dr. Yampolskiy first met and joined forces to build the global security and compliance team and infrastructure from the ground up, scaling to support over 1000 employees and tens of millions of site visitors. After Dr. Yampolskiy moved on from Gilt, Sam took over ownership as Head of Security and Compliance. Prior to Gilt, Sam held various roles of increasing responsibility at Federal-Mogul, a global automotive technology developer.  Throughout his tenure, Sam worked his way up from security intern to Head of Global Information Security for Federal-Mogul, developing and operating global security and compliance controls and best practices, operating out of US, as well as globally from EU and APAC headquarters in Manchester, UK and Shanghai, CN.  Sam’s diverse and notable skills range from compliance audit initiatives (PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley), full-stack security assessments and vulnerability remediation, mobile application security R&D, and security awareness training.

Alex Heid

Alexander Heid is Chief Research Officer of SecurityScorecard. Prior to joining SecurityScorecard, Heid was co-founder and president of HackMiami, and was researcher at Prolexic Technologies with the PLXsert team. Previously Heid served as Chapter Chair for South Florida OWASP. He has worked within the finance and defense industries as a vulnerability analyst. Heid’s specialties include digital crime intelligence analysis, application security auditing, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and malware reversal. Much of the research he has participated in has been featured at national industry conferences and global mainstream media.

Rob Blackin

Mr. Rob Blackin is the CTO of SecurityScorecard. He has been building scalable websites and applications for over 15 years. Before SecurityScorecard, he was VP Engineering at BlogTalkRadio/Cinchcast - largest online radio network in the world where he helped grow the company from startup to 6 million visitors per day. Prior to that was Sr. Director of International Billing Systems for IDT where they billed over $200 Million per year in 6 countries. Prior to IDT he worked for VoiceNet/Viatel where he was CIO responsible for building out all systems used in the VoiceNet Calling card platform. Prior to VoiceNet Rob worked as a Sales Engineer for a data warehousing RDMS company and prior worked at AT&T in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility. Rob holds a BSEE and an MBA.

Richard Seewald

Mr. Richard Seewald is a Partner, Investments at Alpha Associates AG, Investment Arm. Mr. Seewald is also employed at Alpha Associates AG. He has been originating, analyzing, structuring, negotiating, and executing private equity investments in the Central European region since 1999. Mr. Seewald is responsible for the due diligence, evaluation, execution and management of fund and direct investments with a stage focus on growth capital and buyout investments, and a geographic focus on Central & Eastern Europe and Russia/CIS. He draws upon a broad relationship network in the private equity markets of CEE and Russia/CIS. Mr. Seewald serves on a number of CEE and Russian fund advisory boards. He has been involved in the region since 1990 and prior to joining Alpha Associates in 2005, Mr. Seewald was a Partner at Benson Oak, where he focused on growth capital and buyout opportunities. He participated in investment transactions in the banking sector, TMT sectors, automotive industry, and in the retail sector. Earlier in his career, Mr. Seewald was an Associate at CMS Cameron McKenna, where he advised on privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity transactions. Mr. Seewald holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, a Doctorate in Law from the New York Law School, and a B.A., Business, from Pace University.


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