The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Risk Ratings Platforms, Q2 2024

Supply Chain Hacks: Mitigate Third-Party Security Risk

Today's complex business world amplifies interconnected risks. Savvy cybercriminals target trusted partnerships, exploiting vulnerabilities in your vendor ecosystem for damaging attacks.

Security and vendor risk management teams need a 360° view of their entire supply chain.

We've curated resources to empower you and your team on this critical journey.

  • Global Third-Party Cybersecurity Breach Report

    Access this in-depth report to learn more about industry and geographic variations in breaches, what B2B relationships are responsible for third-party breaches, and recommendations for TPRM teams and other security professionals evaluating their third-party risk landscapes.

  • CISO Playbook: Third-Party Cyber Incident Response

    Many companies lack a methodology for tracking supply chain risk indicators and building an incident timeline. Download this playbook to discover cyber incident response best practices and questions you should ask vendors about their cybersecurity practices.

  • Breaches Beyond Borders: A Deep Dive Into Third-Party Cybersecurity Breaches

    At least 29% of all breaches are attributable to a third-party vector, making supply chain security more important than ever. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the most significant third-party cyber risks and incidents and factors to consider when building and securing your digital supply chain.

  • A CISO's Guide to Mastering Cyber Incident Response

    A CISO's Guide to Mastering Cyber Incident Response

    Third-party breaches are a major threat, but most companies lack a plan. Watch this webinar to hear from our team of experts on how you can respond quickly and effectively and discover best practices to prevent future incidents.