Vendor Security Risk Management

Take control of third-party risk.

Instantly discover the security posture of any vendor or business partner.

Make your riskiest vendors the priority.

Partner, supplier, and vendor security risk is a major area that cannot be ignored as a business issue any longer. 

Improve the cyberhealth of your entire vendor ecosystem.

Continuously identify, monitor, and manage risk

Your domain was once an impenetrable fortress. The crown jewels remained safely locked away in a data center you controlled. Today, your critical assets coexist in a distributed, hyper-connected cloud environment teeming with unmanaged digital devices, rogue web applications, and savvy adversaries intent on exploiting a rapidly expanding attack surface. Your cybersecurity is only as strong as the weakest link in your ecosystem. A vulnerability anywhere in the supply chain escalates enterprise risk and jeopardizes productivity, profitability, and reputation.


Get much more than a score.

SecurityScorecard’s value is in the depth and breadth of contextualization and attribution of threat signals presented in an easy-to-use format. Our algorithms generate an A-F security rating, based on security issue findings within the context of company size and digital footprint, that enables organizations to understand their security posture.

Continuous Visibility

Gain visibility across your entire ecosystem.

Our platform identifies security issues across 10 risk factors and provides instant and continuous visibility into the cyberhealth of your third- and fourth-party vendors in addition to your own IT infrastructure.

Actionable Security

Rely on actionable security intelligence for the entire business.

Every business unit needs the right tools and intelligence to make better risk management decisions. Executives, engineers, vendor risk managers and many others leverage our platform every day to improve enterprise cyberhealth. With on-demand Custom Scorecards, all users can independently customize their security scoring based on specific IPs and sub-domains to better evaluate distinct business units and subsidiaries.

In-Depth Analysis

Get results with granular intelligence.

SecurityScorecard provides the most in-depth information available on specific risk findings. This critical data enables your internal security teams and vendors to quickly identify and resolve issues.


Scale your vendor risk management program.

Make smarter vendor risk management (VRM) decisions. Eliminate the need for time-consuming point-in-time vendor assessments. Stop spending limited resources on costly and unnecessary onsite visits. Instead, rely on our innovative platform and unparalleled data collection and analytics capabilities to continuously monitor the cyberhealth of all of your vendors.

Meaningful Collaboration

Proactively engage with vendors.

The SecurityScorecard platform is designed to enable meaningful collaboration between enterprises and their vendors. Our integrated workflows connect you with your vendors and provide a forum to resolve security and compliance issues

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