Secure your entire ecosystem without compromising on innovation.

Protect intellectual property and improve your bottom line.

Product Innovation and cybersecurity are not mutually exclusive.

Technology sector companies typically have a higher risk appetite than enterprises in other industries. They flourish via early-adopter cultures designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration, but the hyper-focus on innovation comes with a price tag. Cool stuff attracts hackers. Technology enables cutting-edge products but is also a source of vulnerabilities, feeding an expanding attack surface that becomes increasingly difficult to defend. Tech companies live under the constant threat of losing intellectual property, which can instantly diminish competitive advantage and threaten revenue.

SecurityScorecard Technology Solutions

Security Ratings

Verify security posture. We start with a score and then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to gain control over the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem. Continuously monitor security factors to prioritize remediation. Our security ratings are recognized as the industry standard and are relied upon by the most innovative technology companies in the world.

Vendor Risk Management

Instantly discover the security posture of any vendor, business partner, or customer in your ecosystem. Continuously identify, monitor, and manage risk everywhere with SecurityScorecard’s integrated workflows, empowering security teams to seamlessly collaborate with partners to quickly resolve and minimize the impact of risk and compliance issues. Look at correlated security flaws amongst a group of companies, or portfolio, to determine which vulnerabilities to focus on first. Ensure that vendors, partners, and customers are not exposed to risks that leave your company vulnerable.


Shrink your attack surface. Discover, monitor, and report on the cyberhealth of your infrastructure from the outside in – see what a hacker sees. Evaluate your risk with our proprietary data collection and analytics capabilities. Our security ratings display your risk across 10 factors and enable you to drill down into specific issues and findings based on millions of data points.


Achieve and maintain automated compliance with SecurityScorecard. Our platform maps directly to all relevant security standards and regulations including PCI, NIST, ISO, SIG, HIPAA, GDPR, and many others. Document rigorous vendor risk management practices. Use the platform to capture, report, and remediate security vulnerabilities in partner networks. Minimize the risk of findings and penalties against your organization.

Threat Reconnaissance

Rely on the most accurate security ratings and detailed threat intelligence available. Identify data assets at risk, and proactively eliminate vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them. SecurityScorecard’s best-of-breed data collection and precise attribution capabilities reveal malicious activity in your IT infrastructure as well as in vendor environments. Proactively address cybersecurity to prevent damaging data and financial losses.

Cyber Insurance

Technology companies have valuable customer data that hackers want. Technology companies that have or seek cyber insurance policies and maintain a high security rating will reduce rates and other costs associated with acquiring a policy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As part of the due diligence process, acquirers are increasingly looking at the cyberhealth of entities they are evaluating in order to determine the risks and liabilities they might assume, as well as to ensure that proper security operations and compliance controls are in place. Use the SecurityScorecard platform to assess your M&A targets’ security posture. Benchmark security risk profiles across peers and competitors.

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