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Security Scorecard

Instantly generate board-level security and compliance reports.

Business leaders need timely, accurate information to make informed decisions. Show executives and boards how security initiatives are progressing so they can determine where further attention or investment is needed.

A trusted guide for 20,000+ enterprise teams
Visualize and Report on your Vendor Risk to the Board

Gain a complete view of your vendor ecosystem, the security posture of each vendor, and a private Supply Chain Risk Score to understand the security posture of your entire ecosystem.

  • Visualize your full vendor ecosystem: gain a ubiquitous view of cyber risk with unparalleled graphics giving you a full view of your ecosystem risk.
  • Drive targeted discussions with your board: pinpoint related risks and specific vulnerabilities within every vendor, so you can partner with your third parties to accelerate risk mitigation.
  • Streamline vendor risk management workflows: simplify mitigation and quickly identify threat exposures with a single dashboard highlighting areas of strength and weakness across the full spectrum of vendors--including your fourth-party vendors.

"Creating reports for board presentations used to take hours. With the SecurityScorecard platform, I can save time and pull the same information within seconds."

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Learn why SecurityScorecard is the global leader in security ratings.

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Effectively report on your cybersecurity risk to the Board and C-Suite.

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