Continuous Oversight in the Cloud: How to Improve Cloud Security, Privacy and Compliance

Many emerging technologies and practices—including artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and third-party services—directly or indirectly access a wide variety of cloud services. Today’s dense hyperconnectivity not only envelops products and consumers, but also links enterprises and business processes in ways that often erase traditional boundaries between internal and external domains. Cloud computing services are increasingly mediating the connections. In this environment, information assurance professionals must not only address longstanding information security threats and vulnerabilities, but they also face new challenges relative to their experience in the field just a few years—or even months—before.

This white paper advocates for continuous oversight of the wide variety of cloud services used by organizations—a set of distinct, but related, management and assurance practices that address critical emerging risk domains, including security, privacy and compliance.

Download this paper to learn:

  • Processing realities that require a paradigm shift in long-standing practices
  • Benefits of continuous oversight
  • Strategies for identifying and mitigating risk in the cloud
  • Key metrics to pay attention to

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