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Request a Demo of Attack Surface Intelligence

SecurityScorecard’s Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) module helps security teams and business leaders visualize risk across their ecosystem like never before. Uncover blind spots in your attack surface, including your third-party vendors, understand how to prioritize vulnerabilities, and search SecurityScorecard’s rich data lake for Scorecard domain, IP, IP range, CVE, CDIR, and Malware Hashes.

To learn more about ASI and request a demo, please fill out this form and our team will be in touch!

Uncover Blindspots and Respond Faster to Cyber Threats

Automate and scale your third-party risk management workflows with SecurityScorecard’s enhanced AVD.

  • Uncover Blindspots: capture a complete view of your attack surface, including third-party vendors, to find vulnerabilities and emerging threats you weren’t aware of.
  • React with Focus: easily prioritize remediation with attribution and contextual information to pinpoint which vulnerabilities expose the greatest risk.
  • Unite Stakeholders: bring executives, risk, security, and compliance together with the view of risk intelligence that each team needs.
  • Continuously Monitor: understand what a hacker sees across your attack surface with billions of up-to-date data points captured from around the world.
Evaluate any organization’s cybersecurity risk.

SecurityScorecard Ratings evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity risk using data-driven, objective, and continuously evolving metrics that provide visibility into any organization’s information security control weaknesses as well as potential vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

Join us in making the world a safer place.