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Security Scorecard

Gain Cyber Clarity With Tailored Threat Intelligence

Common cyber threats like phishing campaigns, data leaks, and domain impersonation, combined with reduced resources to deploy the necessary mitigative controls, pose immediate cyber and financial risks to your organization.

Delivered by SecurityScorecard's STRIKE Threat Intelligence team, Cyber Risk Intelligence (CRI) combines expert-led human analysis with deep and dark intelligence sources to deliver customized and actionable reports to reduce an organization's cyber risk exposure.

Gain expert insight
Custom, Actionable, & Board-Ready Reports

CRI arms cybersecurity teams with dual-purpose reports that include deep-dive threat intelligence for threat analysts plus an at-a-glance threat dashboard with highlights of critical findings and recommended mitigations designed for executives. CRI reports include tailored advice to help you illuminate, prioritize, and mitigate critical cyber threats.

Partner with Experts to STRIKE Back Against Cyber Threats
  • Malicious Email Analysis (Business Email Compromise, Phishing, Spear-phishing)
  • Leaked Data & Code Discovery
  • Malware Analysis
  • Deep Dive Research (Cyber Events, Campaigns, or Threat Actors, etc)
  • Custom Investigations (Cyber Bullying, Botnet Tracking, Hacktivism Landscape, Insurance Claims, Attack Attribution, etc)
  • Foreign Language Technical Translation
  • Threat Intelligence Training
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“We’re extremely impressed with SecurityScorecard’s capabilities and our case wouldn’t be where it is today without CRI and the STRIKE team.”

U.S. Law Enforcement Agency

CRI is delivered by STRIKE, SecurityScorecard’s elite squad of cybersecurity experts, with deep experience in cyber investigations and analysis from previous careers in intelligence, military special operations, and Fortune 500 threat intel teams. STRIKE analysts have a passion for threat intelligence and are eager to help improve your organizations’s cybersecurity posture.

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Cyber Risk Intelligence gives you the answers and assurance you need.

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