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Security Scorecard

Take Back the Power From Adversaries

Threat researchers lose confidence in making smart business decisions when sources lack the quality, variety, and depth of threat intelligence needed to prevent disruption.

SecurityScorecard’s Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) detects more unknown unknowns, including those of your third-party vendors and how they pose a risk to your business, arming you with deep contextual insights and attribution to prioritize your next steps - all in one single platform.

Intelligence Built By Threat Researchers For Threat Researchers

SecurityScorecard is a data company, first and foremost, building contextual intelligence to power its scorecards. We have built the most comprehensive data collection and attribution infrastructure over a decade, giving customers the most relevant, actionable, and trusted cyber risk information.

When data volume, quality, and speed matter, turn to SecurityScorecard’s threat intelligence. Gain confidence in knowing the intelligence collected is engineered for you to prevent future disruptions with unrivaled, up-to-date, and precision-built data.


Threat actor associations made and growing daily tied to exposed assets, malicious IPs, file hashes, and more.


Vulnerabilities and attributions published weekly - Learn more


IPs and domains scanned in-house every 1.5 weeks across 1,400 ports globally


Normalized leaked databases records from across the dark web and forums


Sinkhole Malware requests per day ingested - world’s most enormous malware DNS sinkhole


Top websites crawled every week using full browsers imitating real users

  • As of September 2022

Holistic Intelligence Platform with a Punch

Unparalleled Data - Tested and Proven

Access the most up-to-date threat intelligence you can’t get anywhere else, all in one place. High-quality contextualized threat intelligence and attribution analysis built by threat researchers for threat researchers, helping you make faster, more informed decisions.

Continuously Updated Search-Driven Interface

Prioritize and remediate risk with the ability to globally search across any public IP, network, or domain to deliver threat intelligence using IP scanning, domain attribution, and CVE, threat actor, and malware tracking across IPs, networks, domains, and more worldwide in a single, highly flexible search.

Expand Beyond Ratings

Gain contextualized insights and a global view of threat actors, CVEs, open ports, and more across all of the vendors tracked in your SecurityScorecard portfolio.

Integration for Greater Visibility

In one powerful portal or via API understand who is targeting you, create automated workflows, and integrate ASI data into your SIEM, ticketing system, and vulnerability management tools.

One Powerful Platform, Many Use Cases
Identify Vendor-wide Risk

Search on attack vectors to quickly understand which companies and vendors in your SecurityScorecard portfolio are impacted and alert those to prevent disruption to your business.

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Detect Global Threats Earlier

Conduct an in-depth search on vulnerabilities, IPs, domains, certificates, threat actors, ransomware, malware infections, and more to understand its severity and details to prioritize the next steps.

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Reveal Deeper Context

Investigate threats, adding more context to alerts to effectively identify which alerts need to be escalated for remediation.

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