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Understanding your security scorecard

If you received a SecurityScorecard PDF report or an email invitation to the platform from a customer or business partner, follow this step-wise guide designed to help you understand your scorecard, improve your score, and work with your partner, as well as SecurityScorecard's team of engineers, to quickly resolve security risk issues. Remember, this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial collaborative process between you and your business partner, and we promise to work with you to help resolve any outstanding issues.

We offer the following services to invited vendors free of charge:

  • Free access to your company's scorecard
  • 1-on-1 email and phone support and resolution services
  • Joint working session calls with business partners, vendors, and SecurityScorecard engineers

We are committed to working with your Security Operations and Vendor Risk Management teams, as well as your business partners, to help resolve security issues.

You received a SecurityScorecard PDF report:

Enterprise customers of all types and sizes utilize SecurityScorecard as a key component of their vendor risk assessment, cyber insurance, and M&A processes. If you have received a SecurityScorecard pdf report from your customer, it is important to note that this is the beginning of the process with your business partner and that SecurityScorecard has been selected by your business partner to build transparency and improve the security and compliance capabilities tied to the relationship.

A PDF report provides you with detailed information on findings in the platform, however, you are encouraged to access the platform to take advantage of the user interface, workflows, and other capabilities that are designed to optimize your experience. You and any member of your team may access the platform for free at any time. 

  • If you are a new user please request an account by clicking here
  • If you are an existing user simply log into your account by clicking here

You received an email invitation to access the SecurityScorecard platform:

If your customer has sent you an invitation to the platform you can easily access your scorecard by clicking the link in the email and completing the registration process. Your customer or business partner sent you this invitation to initiate the process of remediating issues that may present a risk to their business from a security or compliance perspective. It is important that you collaborate with us and your business partner to resolve identified issues. By accessing the platform directly you can take advantage of the user interface, workflows, and other information that are designed to optimize your experience.

For support you may contact [email protected] to connect with a live support person who can help guide you through the registration process.