Compliance and Regulatory Information

SecurityScorecard is trusted by public sector agencies, financial regulators, and industry groups. We’re committed to maintaining data privacy and compliance for our customers, partners, and vendors.

  • SOC 2

    We have successfully completed AICPA SOC 2® examinations since March 31st, 2019 and we’re currently SOC 2 certified. If you’d like to see our SOC 2 documentation, please contact us.

  • Compliance with export regulations

    We comply with applicable US and international laws and regulations on export controls.

  • Compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations

    SecurityScorecard is committed to the privacy of our customers and complying with all applicable privacy laws. We pick up signals non-intrusively about an organization’s digital footprint. For information please review our Privacy Policy

  • About our systems

    We do not maintain our own cloud servers. Instead we buy in-cloud computing services from other vendors, most notably AWS. We use AWS in the United States to process ratings data and store and process customer data.

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