Blog February 2, 2024

SecurityScorecard introduces new partner certifications

As cited by the new SEC cybersecurity incident disclosure requirements, 98% of organizations have relationships with at least one breached third party. Consequently, many organizations are looking to manage supply chain cyber risk across their third parties and the entire digital ecosystem.

Recognizing this challenge, SecurityScorecard is excited to announce the immediate availability of our new partner sales certification courses for 2024 – aimed at empowering our global network of partners to provide cutting-edge Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management solutions.

Stop supply chain cyber threats and zero days

Built by cybersecurity experts, the new SecurityScorecard partner sales certification courses enable our channel partners to educate their customers about the fast-growing area of supply chain security and provide them with highly automated and cost-effective solutions on the SecurityScorecard platform.

The cornerstone of these courses is the Supply Chain Risk Management Maturity Model, which shows the six steps organizations need to take to defend their supply chains. Then, the courses describe the corresponding SecurityScorecard tool that can be used at each step:

6 steps of Supply Chain Risk Management Maturity Model


Gartner’s top cybersecurity trends for 2024

According to Gartner Research, two of the top cybersecurity trends for 2024 are:

  • Investment in effective risk management of third-party services and software
  • Cybersecurity outcome-driven metrics (ODMs)

Gartner states: “The inevitability of third parties experiencing cybersecurity incidents is pressuring Security and Risk Management (SRM) leaders to focus more on resilience-oriented investments and move away from front-loaded due-diligence activities. Progressive SRM leaders are prioritizing resilience-driven activities such as implementing compensating controls and strengthening incident response planning. In parallel, they are providing targeted support for business partners to inform third-party contracting and influence control decisions.”1

Meeting global demand

SecurityScorecard’s Partner Program unites cybersecurity partners of all types – consisting of VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, GSIs, SIs, cloud marketplaces, distributors, telcos, OEMs, insurers, incident responders, ISVs, and more – around our joint mission of making the world a safer place. Two of the new SecurityScorecard courses are designed for VARs and MSSPs.

Through solution-specific go-to-market tracks, innovative “edutainment,” rewards, and a host of sales, marketing, and partner support tools, SecurityScorecard Partners can accelerate their success while helping customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), consolidate point products, and secure their supply chain.

The Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management market is experiencing exponential growth, and leading organizations, including McDonald’s and GE Healthcare, are turning to SecurityScorecard to swiftly scale up their supply chain defenses.

The new certifications include Certified Sales Representative (the partner sales certification) and Certified Solution Architect (the partner technical certification):

The recommended learning paths for our channel partners are:

The courses teach our channel partners about the fast-growing area of supply chain risk management (SCRM) and how to work with their customers to provide an end-to-end cybersecurity solution that will help them shore up their supply chain defenses.

Partners who earn the certifications can post them on their LinkedIn profile:

SecurityScorecard partners can access the new 2024 sales certifications in the SecurityScorecard partner portal:



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