Blog January 25, 2024

Introducing SecurityScorecard MAX

What keeps CISOs up at night? The extended, often unsecured, ever-changing attack surface of critical supply chain vendors providing an unmonitored pathway into their enterprise.  Emerging zero-day vulnerabilities, like MOVEit and SolarWinds, are time-sensitive issues that require immediate attention by security teams that are often over-burdened with securing the local enterprise.

Over the past year, we’ve seen cybercriminals ramp up their exploitation of popular tools to compromise thousands of organizations. Ransomware groups have adopted aggressive new tactics to extort their victims, and attackers continue to exfiltrate highly sensitive data. One example of this trend was the massive breach of MOVEit file transfer servers, one of the most significant hacks in 2023.

To eliminate supply chain cyber risk, SecurityScorecard introduced a new partner-focused managed service. Building on our decade of experience, MAX takes the industry from risk identification to risk resolution in an all-in-one package. This is critically important when zero-day and emerging threats are discovered. 

It’s a race against time when it comes to cyber attacks, and MAX gives our customers a critical advantage. Through the continuous monitoring of a customer’s vendor ecosystem, we’re able to see when conditions are likely to result in a breach and provide that much-needed time to respond quickly before cyber-attacks happen. 

MAX: Fully managed, fully operationalized supply chain cyber risk management

You want the best minds in cybersecurity to tackle this major problem. With SecurityScorecard MAX, we combine AI, risk, and threat telemetry from the SecurityScorecard platform with elite cybersecurity experts to improve the posture of your supply chain. MAX is a technology-enabled managed service that has already demonstrated its ability to transform the industry by enabling customers to identify, prioritize, and resolve the most critical vulnerabilities and issues across their third-party and extended Nth party supply chain ecosystem. Customers already include multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

The power of collective defense

Many organizations are simply not equipped to operationalize their supply chain cyber risk programs on their own, and other existing solutions require each business and each partner to develop their own risk operations center. MAX significantly lowers the overall cost of managing vendors and business partners. Customers dramatically expand the number of vendors monitored, further reducing risk while improving compliance with key regulation mandates.

Identify risky vendors

MAX also includes a game-changing likelihood of breach model. We identify critical vulnerabilities across 17 distinct security categories to determine the issues most likely to lead to a breach. In real-time, customers can see their vendor risk profile in the MAX dashboard. 

MAX vendors by breach likelihood

Virtual risk operations center

MAX turns the SecurityScorecard platform into a virtual risk operations center (vROC) and eliminates the friction that often prevents first parties and third parties from resolving critical cybersecurity issues. With a consolidated database of security practitioner contacts from hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide and a trusted brand backing all communications, MAX becomes the central hub for collaboration on critical, externally visible cybersecurity issues. 

Resolving supply chain vulnerabilities for the entire ecosystem

MAX experts validate findings before reaching out to third parties and work with them to resolve issues, including providing support that enables risk resolution. This is especially important when vendors and other business partners have limited cyber and technical resources. MAX is all about improving the broader ecosystem’s cybersecurity health. Whether through the platform, SecurityScorecards experts, or MAX franchise partners, when a critical cybersecurity issue is resolved, it is resolved for the entire ecosystem, demonstrating the power of collective defense. The entire process can be monitored via the MAX portal. Based on the tier selected, detailed reporting and bespoke analysis are included.

Operational efficiency

MAX integrates automation and continuous monitoring to significantly reduce the time and resources required to manage cybersecurity risks throughout your supply chain. The scalability of MAX also ensures that it can accommodate the growing needs of a business, making it a versatile solution for both small and large enterprises.

MAX is extensible to every solution in the SecurityScorecard platform, meaning customers can harness the power of the newest product offerings, including our threat intelligence, attack surface intelligence, automatic vendor detection, and more. Customers can fully leverage the solutions they already are using, eliminating expensive and cumbersome point solutions and consolidating on the SecurityScorecard platform.

Unique to SecurityScorecard, our cyber experts can deliver additional proactive services including third-party penetration testing, red teaming, and tabletop exercises emulating a third-party breach to truly prepare your organization for supply chain threats.

Take supply chain cyber risk to the MAX

Rely on our technology and expertise to get the results you need. Be a champion to your board with real-time, easy-to-understand reporting that communicates your success. 

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