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SecurityScorecard instantly empowers you with the trust and confidence to make smarter, faster decisions.

Analyst report
SecurityScorecard has been recognized as a leader in cybersecurity risk ratings. Download now to see the new cybersecurity risk rating landscape.
Understand the principles, methodologies, and processes behind how our cybersecurity ratings work. Download the data sheet to learn more about our security ratings.
Analyst report
SecurityScorecard has been named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for IT Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Tools. Download the report to see how we stack up.
Own and improve your score for free.

Claim, improve, and monitor your scorecard for free. Understand your vulnerabilities and make a plan to improve over time. Get started with a free account and suggested improvements.

One platform, many use cases

Gain a holistic view of any organization's cybersecurity posture with security ratings. Leverage security ratings for a variety of use cases, including risk and compliance monitoring, M&A due diligence, cyber insurance underwriting, data enrichment, and executive-level reporting.

A cross-industry cybersecurity platform

Proactively build a more secure ecosystem for you and your vendors, mitigate cyber risks, eliminate vulnerabilities, and meet compliance standards, regardless of your industry.

Security ratings demystified

Your security score is just the first step on your journey to a stronger security posture. SecurityScorecard’s security ratings rely on objective data collection, so you can identify opportunities to invest in and improve upon.

Years of recognition and awards
Join us in making the world a safer place.